Lore Report, April 2024

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Tsusu Planet

The last season of Discovery is airing and while we will as always avoid spoilers, there is new species lore – a look at Breen behind the helmet and expanded lore for a DS9 species, Kelleruns, represented by one of the new main characters (so we hope to see more!).

We’ve also added Tholians to the database. Memory-Obsidian has expanded as well with Grazerite supplemental lore from Nikki and a player-created species, Ts’usugi, from CorCordale, as well as a sport from that species, Kinetic, that sounds like it should have a huge fan base. I can’t wait to see what else our players will share.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, you can reach out to me on discord.

- Cam, Dark Mistress of Lore