Saturday Spotlight – Haumea Colony

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Brief Outline of your game and theme

You could call it a colony of the wayward sort, but at Haumea, we strive for nothing short of adventure. We may not be as far off the beaten path as some of the ships patrolling the quadrants, but we attract all sorts. We boast a diverse populace and opportunity for you to play freely. Our Starfleet home base is a recycled Intrepid saucer! How fun is that? Or maybe you’re into cute, fuzzy creatures? Beware our Daucin; they will not hesitate to munch on any alloy you have available. But they’re so cuddly!

Current mission?

Our current Mission Plot sees the colony shifting from the mysterious disappearance of Captain Luka Mahone to a sudden issue that threatens Haumea. A ship has come out of warp, and is slowly but surely headed straight into a crash course for the colony! Without any way to contact this vessel, the crew has to race against a (slow-moving) clock to find a solution before it’s too late.

Favourite Post in the last three Months?

Old Games, New Players

Why is it your favourite post in the last three Months?

We have a number of fantastic posts from our members, so it was truly difficult to pick one. However, one of the top tier posts that represent Haumea’s day to day over the past three months most certainly goes to a post done by Cam and Reilyn, called Old Games, New Players.

Favourite thing about your game?

I have to say my favorite thing about this game is the fact that we make every attempt to tell stories from a more grounded perspective. Pun aside, having the simulation’s setting be a colony on a yet to be explored planet offers a completely different angle for people to play, similar to a starbase or equally mostly stationary simulations. The added benefit is that we can explore and create the lore of the world and the overall system the crew and civilians within inhabit. And I have to say, the players rise to the challenge of creating bursts of life through the use of NPCs and secondary storylines that I always enjoy reading.

Open Positions

Chief Security Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer