Task Forces 72 & 13 – Report May 2024

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Hi everyone – Commodore Kane here, filling in with your scheduled TF bulletin! The boss is busy so you’re stuck with me. I’ll try not to get his desk dirty with my boots…

How is it May already!? LOA seems to be the flavour of the month at the moment, a lot of games are reporting some players missing lately – I’m not immune to that too! – yet we’re still seeing some great numbers out of those that are still with us.

We’re also really excited about some of the wider fleet projects that we have ongoing at the moment – for example we’ve partnered up with our friends in Pegasus Fleet to create a shared Fleet in Star Trek Online: “Task Force Khitomer” – now’s a great time to jump (back) in, and if you’re interested give one of us a ping in the Discord for more info.

The Fleetcast is also ramping up – loads of content is coming your way, from episode reviews, to discussions, to live streams of Star Trek gaming! Give us a subscribe while you’re there!

Task Force Updates

Currently we have 3 games running in Task Force 13, and 6 games running in Task Force 72. There’s scope for more, and if you’re interested in running a game with us it couldn’t be easier thanks to our IFS3 updates. Drop me a message if this is something that you’d like to hear more about.

Starbase Esquimalt & The Traveller’s Rest

Our Taskforce Hub is open for anyone who wants to pop in and schmooze with folks on other games, just drop one of us a nudge and we’ll hook you up with whatever you need! Alternatively, you might even take a look at The Traveller’s Rest, which sits astride time and space if you feel like having your Starfleet Officer chat up the Power Ranger at the bar and avoid a bar fight with the X-Man in the corner…


I LOVE stories. It’s part of why I write on our games! But I’d love to hear more – what’s going on in your games at the moment? What exciting character development do you have planned? We’d love to hear from you – and our Comms team would too! There’s always an opportunity to have one of your favourite posts shared with the rest of the community!

Vacancies and Recruitment

Haumea Colony:
– Chief Medical Officer
– Chief Security Officer

USS Athena:
– Currently not recruiting

SS Mary Rose:
– Currently not recruiting

USS Tanjura:
– Chief Operations Officer
– Various other roles

USS Hou Yi:
– Chief Engineering Officer
– Helm Officer

USS Hiroshima:
– Chief Engineer
– Chief Science Officer