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Play-by-Web (IFS3)

Game Ratings

Language: Infrequent, mild swearing permitted
Sexual Content: Mild innuendo and references permitted
Violence: Mild violence permitted

At the convergence of everywhere and nowhere lies The Knot.

Inside The Knot lies chaos – at least to an untrained eye. From across the known multiverse, things just “appear”. Nobody knows how, nobody knows why, things weren’t in The Knot, now they are.

Things also disappear from The Knot. Sometimes it’s people finding their way home, sometimes it’s because something else in The Knot is hungry and needs a bite to eat. Once things leave The Knot, it’s rare they come back and usually without any memories of their previous time here.

In a corner (if such a thing existed in The Knot) lies the city of Lyonesse. It’s here that the various inhabitants of Sol 3, a little known planet down the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, somehow end up finding their way to and calling home. Of course, being at the convergence of everywhere means wandering around Lyonesse can be an eye opening experience. If you head to the Travellers Rest, you’ll meet a talking dinosaur arguing with an airline pilot whilst a man of iron sits patiently waiting for his turn to interject and a dwarf shouts his order to the barman.

The barman occasionally shouts back at people too. Bloody dwarves.

Anyway, moving on. The Travellers Rest, Lyonesse, The Knot. If you happen to find yourself falling out of space-time, and in need of a beer, or a sympathetic ear, pop by, ask for Mark and I’ll serve you up one of my freshly brewed specials while I tell you what I know about The Knot.

The Travellers Rest & Lyonesse is the hub of TF47. Existing in a pocket outside of space and time, it’s an opportunity for players to mingle from across the multiverse of our games without impacting on their own reality – because being outside of space-time you won’t remember what didn’t happen. Time’s weird like that.

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Crew Manifest - X-Men: Avalon

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Game Updates


We’re opening the game up for people to write!

Welcome to the outfit of X-Men: Avalon, who’ll be our first patrons stuck in The Knot.

2023-01-03 11:43