Character Profile - Jonathan Monroe

Jonathan Monroe
Human Male

Place of Origin: Chicago

Physical Description

Average or trim in build, not what anyone would say as particularly athletic by any means. What is most noticeable about his appearance is that every hair on his body has naturally taken on a cool blue colour.

Personality Profile

Jonathan always thought of himself as a bit of a shy or ‘inbetweener’ type of kid, never really fitting into most cliques. More of a social chameleon, he will flitter between friendship groups and adapt to those around him.
More ‘calm’ than most, he tends to withdraw when things become over-emotional for fear of losing control of his internal temperature levels.

Early years Biography

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, his parents were never particularly rich and life was, at times, a little rough. A smart kid and never one to get into serious trouble, most of his peers and teachers regarded him as the sort of boy with wisdom ahead of his years but without many clear goals or direction. “A lot of potential but with no motivation,” his mother always used to say.

The direction of his life changed when his powers first manifested. At the age of sixteen he was on a date with his beau Rebecca. Sharing their first kiss, he was suddenly overwhelmed with intense heat. In that moment of passion, not having any control over himself, he did terrible damage to his girlfriend, leaving her with lasting burns and scars that would never heal. Jonathan was inconsolable, and withdrew from friendships and meaningful contacts.

He dropped out of High School, reclusing himself for almost five years on a ranch deep in the Kansas countryside far away from his home and family. During this time he learned the true extent of his mutation and the powers that he was now blessed – or cursed – with.

Returning to a normal life wasn’t straightforward, but with charitable support and by working hard, he managed to finish off his education and even attended College in his twenties. Matured from his experiences but still desperately afraid of forming close attachments, Jonathan eventually found himself in the employ of the Avalon Institute, where he would not need to conceal his mutant nature, and hopefully ensure that the younger generations might also be able to learn how to control their developing powers.