End Of Year Nominations Part 2

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Character of the Year

Captain Samuel Woolheater – USS Elysium

The writer of Captain Woolheater is one of the most creative people I have ever met.  He always thinks outside of the character box and either uses a species that is usually on the fringes of the typical character pool (humans, klingons, vulcans, etc..) or he creates a brand new one, with complete cultural background, making that species feel just as real as any other one.

His solo posts are always full of detail and a joy to read.  When he is writing in a joint point, he engages his fellow players, pushing them to write at their best levels.

Lieutenant Njalia Sayffier – USS Vesta

Sayffier’s player is fairly new (as far as the crew of the Vesta goes) but they have been a stellar addition to our crew. Njalia represents someone I think a lot of people know, a character who is brilliant in their own right, but needs some help getting to know people. They have coping mechanisms, and their own odd ways to do things, but they still feel like the are as much a part of the crew. It would be extremely easy, especially in a role like Ops, to hide just out of sight, and avoid drawing too much attention, but Njalia is always right there, with a solution, or some helpful bit of information.

One of the things that make Njalia so interesting, is their use of a small holographic intelligence they crafted themselves, the Ice Maiden. For many characters this would be a crutch, solving mysteries or rushing to conclusions. For Njalia it is a great way to explore their character growth, to reflect back on assumptions we make about people, and to push a character to engage. We really do get two characters for the price of one.

I think if you take the time to go through, to read the posts that Njalia is involved in, you get a character filled with introspection, that really makes us think. You get a character that isn’t the bold hero, or the rush-to geek, but a wholly unique person that we rarely get to see in characters in Star Trek in general. “

Lt Commander Finnley Keating – USS Athena

Lieutenant Commander Finnley Keating VII (USS Athena) The story arc that has seen Keating put through the meat grinder, so to speak, has been a true work of art set in motion several missions ago. Exploring the ramifications of a mission gone horribly wrong, and the emotional and professional impact that had on the character, this painstakingly crafted arc has never tried to play it safe and there was a point where most of us were half-convinced that this character was resigning from active service for good. To see her dragged back into events as an accomplice to a masterfully intricate plan to bring down an entire conspiracy network has been very rewarding and though we are now partially reassured that we get to keep her around, it is very clear that the story is far from over. An excellent characterisation, proving that full commitment to the best narrative outcome no matter personal attachment to specific characters can really have a massive impact.

Lt. Didrea Zade – USS Athena

During the course of the recent mission, Zade has undergone a character arc that has seen her make several poor judgement calls and risk her entire career to support a colleague operating under dubious orders to break several laws. It has been an interesting and engaging storyline, bravely written to show a proud officer’s slight fall from grace in a very realistic and honest way. It takes a lot to put your character through the very real potential for demotion and court martial and yet this portrayal has not shied away from the ramifications of character choice. Beyond this arc, Zade has featured in several key mission aspects over the year and is the epitome of what good writing can offer to character portrayal as opposed to weighing down a character with extensive attributes, history or personal baggage in the hope that excessive detail will somehow equate to an interesting story. Zade has her quirks but she’s very realistic and the power of her presence comes from the way she’s written.

Brek- Obsidian Command

Here’s a real character…  The perfect balance between laugh-out-loud stereotyping (Brek’s a Ferengi business owner) and heartfelt relatability (he’s driven to earn his fortune to become a potential suitor to a secret love and also lives under the expectations of an overbearing grandmother). Brek often finds himself being charitable, even though the word charity itself makes him so sick that he refuses to pronounce it. Although his art gallery has its good days and its bad, out of character, Brek has a posting ledger well in the black filled with enjoyable storytelling! Character of the Year would suit Brek well, and one way or another, he’d find a way to profit off the title. A grade A character and a good investment. (Tell Brek I sent you. I want my discount.)

Chief Deputy Marshal Ridge Steiner- Obsidian Command

More than one simmer has thought: “What would the US Marshal’s service look like working in concert with Starfleet, on the cusp of the 25th century?” Wonder no more! Meet Marshal Ridge Steiner of the FMS. Integrated with Security on Obsidian Command, Steiner and his Deputies help watch over the promenade, track flight risks, seek out fugitives, investigate shady arms deals, help misplaced persons find their way, and occasionally get roped into away missions way beyond their typical jurisdiction! Steiner is a resourceful stripe, employing practical tactics in surprising ways, such as railgun harpoons and expanding sticky foam designed to hold off potential boarding parties, as well as using non-lethal crowd suppressant tactics to knock some sense into an opposing force, turning the tide of battle. Ultimately nothing, not even a direct order, can keep Steiner from rendering aid to a federation citizen in danger.

Major Porter John Wallace- Obsidian Command

A revived legacy character, Wallace was previously a staple aboard Obsidian Fleet’s USS Nimitz, serving as MCO over a decade ago! Back then you would have read of a hellbent and bitter man, a tortured soul who had lost everyone he loved and everything he dreamed of while fighting in brutal ground combat during the Dominion War. But as it turns out, life wasn’t through sifting Wallace. When reprised this year on Obsidian Command, we learn he has been wasting away under nine years of imprisonment and hard labor on an alien world, but even as his physical strength fades, his heart rekindles and he finds a new reason to live, and a new family to fight for. Wallace as a character is one of the most satisfying complete arcs out there, and this year has been graced by Wallace’s thematic portrayal of the Power of Love.

Atif Ibn Sharjar – Obsidian Command

A simple unassuming merchant, some might say smuggler, makes a trading circuit on Loki III, aka Planet Obsidian, and takes us along for the ride as he befriends a small tribe in the distant reaches of the desert, where inclement weather means it’s either raining shards of black glass or roasting you with deadly solar flares. He learns to ride a giant beetle and is invited to observe the ancient rites of the tribe, learning of the planet’s oldest maintained legends, and prophecies of the future. The human-bajoran man is tenacious and, with his own roots to dry climes, is no stranger to deserts, but Loki tests him through wind, fire, and blood. This character’s tales, more than any other this year, have breathed fresh life into the lore of Planet Obsidian, and reading his posts places us right there in the action with him!

Lt Cmdr Maurice Rubens – Obsidian Command

Maurice Rubens thrives in the spaces between worlds. Himself a child of multiple cultures (Vulcan, Trill, and Human), his perspective gives him insight to others. But peacemaking for this diplomat can include subversive tactics, and he has a reputation as a wild card in his field. As an introduction to Obsidian Command, instead of first approaching the planet’s elders most sympathetic to Starfleet through which business has always been done, Rubens went to the leader most opposed to the Federation’s presence in the system, turning a decade of past approaches on their ear at his very arrival. In his personal life he builds a relationship with his current fiancée, and yet the echoes of past relationships also have ripples into his present. He’s nuanced and well written with a depth of story and personality that keeps the reader curious.

Captain Corvus DeHavilland- Obsidian Command

Is anyone ever prepared for Command? Or is it truly a case of rising to the occasion? Having ironically made her mark as a pilot, Corvus was chosen to head up the Stardock Class Station, Obsidian Command, at a time when the region is in disarray and hundreds of thousands rely on her. In each scenario that arises, sometimes acting may lead to dire consequences, and yet hesitation can be just as deadly. It’s not surprising that a new Captain would struggle with the hot seat. Answers rarely come easily and Corvus turns inward, afraid of losing control of any situation. But when she’s forced to rely on others, she’s reminded what leadership is about. She still talks out of turn with Admirals and can be dense with her friends, but there’s hope for her yet as she learns to trust, personally and professionally.

Evelyn Reynolds- SS Mary Rose

Throughout the year, Serahni has brought depth, emotion, and consistency to a character that could have easily been written as stereotypical for Starfleet Officer done dirty by Starfleet. Their intricate storylines have captivated the little community, providing a compelling and fun storyline where at first she was not sure she wanted to stay to now becoming the curse breaker staying as the ship’s chief medical officer. Her character development with Evelyn, from a determined Starfleet officer to a compassionate civilian mentor within the storyline have impacted the overall plot developments with several other characters. But it’s the character’s resilience and adaptability in high-pressure situations that really stands out and shows the guts that characters outside the norm have.

Staff Sergeant Nathanial “Nate” Cusack – NX-05 Atlantis

Staff Sergeant Nathanial “Nate” Cusack unwavering commitment to duty and ship despite the sometimes lacklustre approach, paired with his compelling backstory, added depth to the role-playing experience as well as created a character that you both want to smack and love at the same time. Whether it is freezing himself wanting to quit or punching a senior officer, Cusack portrayal made him a standout character more so that the commitment to not being a typical run of the mill marine with no emotion and after one thing. He a realistic and evolving character, combined with engaging interactions with others, earns him a nomination for Character of the Year.

Lieutenant JG Avira zh’Kenarh M.D. – NX-05 Atlantis      

Avira earns this nomination through a commitment to authenticity and meticulous attention to character detail in an era that not many dare to step into. Her portrayal has been a beacon of consistency, showcasing a dynamic and evolving persona within Atlantis’ storyline despite knowing the character’s time is limited due to a deadly illness. Her character decisions have influenced pivotal moments, shaping the course of the game which is no easy feat for most characters. The Andorian’s uniqueness without going over the top is a showcase example of character building without being a show off and stealing the limelight and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Michael Burnstien –  SS Mary Rose

One of my favourite parts of SS Mary Rose is Michael Burnstein. He is our chief Engineer. Burnie is the unsung hero, meticulously ensuring the vessel’s very old machinery functions. Burnie’s technical expertise isn’t just limited to fixing problems; they consistently go above and beyond, implementing innovative solutions that enhance the ship’s performance even when it’s a risk to themselves. Burnie maintains a positive and uplifting demeanour, fostering a sense of camaraderie in the engineering department. Beyond the nuts and bolts, the character has a past that is only just coming to light after many years on the game. Cam plays the character so well which is a shame that RL has gotten in the way last couple of months but like any good character they are worth the wait.