End Of Year Nominations Part 1

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Well, it’s January and I wanted to get this done in December but what a busy December and I got unwell so here we are.

They will all come out over the next couple of days and you will get a chance to see all the nominations before voting happens next weekend.

Asst GM of the Year Nominations

Kieran –  USS Athena

  • Kieran is a fantastic assistant game master.  He is the life of our little group and constantly engages with everyone, both in chat and through sim writing.  He encourages each individual to actively participate from the creation of ideas for missions to general writing and character development and is always willing to help others out with JPs.  He has a diverse set of characters (each with incredible depth and personality) and he uses them to create superb stories with every single person on the crew.  Kieran’s skills as a writer and assistant game master are an inspiration to us all.  He makes the Athena a great place to be!
  • Kieran has been my loyal right-hand man for such a long time now and never fails to give me sound advice as GM, backing me up or challenging if needed. But he’s also great at engaging all of our players in stories – picking up character development with everyone any anyone. It’s a role I simply couldn’t do without and our little Athena community owes far more to him than a lot of people realise!

    He’s also humble to a fault. Even if things aren’t going quite right or moving in the direction we planned, he’s positive in making sure we get back on track and consider all angles. I hope I never have to replace him, because that would be next to impossible!”

Paul SS Mary Rose

  • Paul is a wonderful enabler of storytelling. Whether he’s in full GM mode, or supporting from the Assistant’s chair, he is a strong voice of reason, a great source of rich lore-crafting and is the driving force behind a slew of interesting, engaging and well-grounded character portrayals. Paul has many great ideas of his own but is always willing to adapt them to suit the aspirations of others and has a very solution-based attitude when it comes to managing the multiple demands of simm management. I also know that he is a great support to the GM he works with, a consistently positive and uplifting sounding board with a diplomatic attitude towards dealing with groups of people. He is often a quiet achiever, not prone to seeking accolades or the spotlight very often, but is well-deserving of recognition for his consistently positive contributions as Assistant GM of the SS Mary Rose.
  • Paul’s role as Asst GM goes from strength to strength over the years as well as his ability to engage in Rosie’s storytelling and dedication to character growth. His presence is felt in the story on a one to one writing level but his ability to drop sly memes just as the right time makes it known OOC too. He has a very proactive role in managing in-game events and offering support to fellow members which demonstrates a genuine passion for the little community that runs around a 150 year old ship. I am a very grateful GM for his support in a challenging year for both of us but he has never wavered in his commitment to anything connected to Rosie and much deserve recognition

David –  Haumea Colony              

If anyone told past me that I would have the AGM I have now, I would have shaken my head and laughed. But here we are, making fabulously long posts and causing chaos on Haumea. From listening to me vent and fielding my oddball mission ideas to giving me the swift kick in the pants I need when the activity levels lower, David has been there for multiple steps of Haumea’s development. On top of being a stable source of plots and helping field potential members, he is not afraid to tell me when I’ve gone off the rails on my own mission. Considering our rough times, his presence has been nothing short of spectacular.

Jeff – USS Elysium

  • Jeff has always been someone that, like Jill, has always had their lines of communication open for those below them. No matter what was going on or if you were a new player or a seasoned player, you were always welcomed onboard by Jeff’s character and he made sure that he was opened for any sort of question that people might have.

    Jeff, like Jill our captain above him, has always taken his role seriously and made sure that whatever we are doing on the USS Elysium sim was amazing, which I can never say thank you enough for!

  • So Jeff has been my executive officer for the past 6 years with year 7 happening in Feb 2024 . In this time he has been the steadfast member of my Command council which has grown and shrunk over the years and is now currently at the number of 4 players plus myself. This is not to say that these past years have been without their trials and tribulations, but Jeff is not a Yes Man, and he works very hard as my XO both in game and out of game and is never slow to tell me if he thinks things will not work. He works with members of my command team and with other players and has worked well. He is a player in good standing and I hope to one day see him recognised as the Best Assistant Game Manager in the fleet.

Community Maker Of The Year

Unfortunately, this award is unable to go ahead due to the 2/3 Nominations not reaching the nomination standards.