Communication Round Up 2023

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Well, what a year 2023 has been and I truly think it is possibly our best year in a very long time. Our communication department has been the busiest it has been since it started in 2017 with adding Instagram and YouTube properly to our socials, podcasts have gone from strength to strength as well as many other things that the team do.


What a year for awards!

This year we have had the best nominations that we have ever received. Truly I have loved seeing all the nominations and the positives that people have for other writers. It has been my favourite part of the year so it deserves to be the top of my round-up.

Nominations End Of year part 1
Nominations End Of year part 2
Nominations End Of year part 3
Nominations End Of year part 4
Obsidian Day Awards Part 1
Obsidian Day Awards Part 2
Obsidian Day Awards Part 3
Obsidian Day Awards Part 4
Obsidian Day Awards Part 5


We have ran several events over the year from assisting with Khitomer, Obsidian Day and trying to arrange monthly quiz’s or game nights. This will be continuing soon with feedback from previous events to make sure we get it right. But thank you to the people who came along and enjoyed them.


As you will be aware we have had a podcast since early 2021 over on Spotify but this year we have taken it to the next level and done more things with it regularly on YouTube. We have had episodes from Game Masters, Doctor Who reviews, Power Rangers and most importantly the review of what our community thinks are the best episodes of the original series as we have planned since 2020.

Please continue to support our community by watching and liking the videos.

Final thoughts…

So we’ve had a fantastic year that makes me proud of everyone in our community working hard for our future and moving forward with some amazing content and planning for our future. With that in mind we have a small survey for you to plan better for events and podcasts. Please take five minutes to fill it in.