Obsidian Day Awards Part 5

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The final part of the nominations.

Thank you to all the people who have put in nominations as they have been so full of quality and lovely to read. 

Golden PADD for outstanding post

XMen: Avalon – The Quantum Knights
This post is what we’re all here for. A group of super powered individuals facing off against a Sentinel and kicking its ass! Everyone in the group has a moment to shine and to really show what their characters are capable of. To be in that situation and then have the poise and eloquence in writing that the group showed is commendable. Leaving plenty of room for everyone to get their time in the spotlight and playing their abilities so well that it’s all at once awe inspiring, believable, and grounded takes a very skilled group of writers. Everyone plays seamlessly off of each other and shows just what the Quantum Knights are capable of without continuously feeling the need to constantly one-up each other and devolve into measuring virtual phallusses. It all just came together perfectly in this third part of facing off against what in the XMen canon is always a formidable and dangerous opponent. Cannot get enough of this post! 

Beya/Oliver Lucas/Kalahaeia t’Leiya/Evelyn Reynolds: SS Mary Rose
The Code of Chivalry was never intended for Orions. Or Romulans for that matter. A merging of worlds, one man’s accidental provocation and the women who jumped to his defense. This one is particularly enjoyable because of the consistent and well-rounded characterisation of Beya and Kali, and because poor Oliver can’t seem to figure out how his life ended up this way. Hysperia is not for the faint of heart.

Lieutenant Darru /Lieutenant Avira zh’Kenarh NX05 Atlantis
Atlantis In the midst of a mission that is ostensibly shoreleave with a twist, this patiently crafted opportunity to dig into a wider character arc was a lovely surprise. Avira’s health issues are still masterfully vague, with reference only thrown in when it feels purposeful to bring it up again, so it is always a treat to have some hint of advancement to that personal character development. Darru is a fantastic choice of confidant, as the pair represent most of the non-human compliment and bring unique perspectives to life on board. 

Sepandiyar – Obsidian Command
How does one kill of a character one has written for years? How to write it in a meaningful way, that treads the line between respect and sorrow, honoring the character and their life, without crossing into overly sentimental and mournful? Sep managed to achieve that in his post, the dispassionate, almost clinical description, told from third party viewpoints is both poignant and professional, tender and businesslike. It delivers a powerful perspective on death, while holding the reader enthralled in the details. 

USS Athena – The Trial: Keating – A fall from grace
This is one of those posts that have you on the edge of your seat. It was incredibly well written, the drama, the action, the reactions, and it done what all good posts should do … it made me want more! I didn’t want it to end and I can’t wait to see how it continues. 

Nikki and David – Obdsidan Command
They played the two remaining survivors of the Starfleet ship USS Sunrise. The ship was attacked by an ongoing antagonist of our game and the survivors sent to this world (Korin) to work as slaves for the mining operation on the planet. Over the course of time, the survivors of the Sunrise died off of various things leaving Wallace and Xeri alone with two children to care for. They’ve been trying to survive and keep the family together. The USS Pathfinder (Obsidian Command’s Garrison Vessel) has through the course of the story rescued them from this planet and is taking them home. Back to Federation space.