Obsidian Day Awards Part 3

Written ByEhestri
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More nominations for you that were received but unfortunately did not win but were fantastic that spoke to the quality that was received this year. 

Golden PADD for outstanding creativity (Overall Ship)

SS Mary Rose

The Mary Rose is more than just a ship-based sim. With multiple aspects to the universe it occupies, there are a variety of ways to write and a plentitude of characters to create. Existing within the Star Trek framework but not hampered by pesky Starfleet rules and regulations, the scope for storytelling is considerable and can be best emphasised by noting that the past three missions have been dealing with wayward holograms, dealing with catastrophic system failure that nearly wiped out most of the crew, and then dragon jousting. The small and intimate writing group allows for a lot of in-depth collaboration and the quality of the writing is consistently excellent. This sim is definitely the quiet achiever of the Fleet.

Solar Force

Solar Force has been the most creative, inventive, and interesting SIMM that I’ve ever had the honor of joining.

Golden PADD for outstanding Mission

SS Mary Rose:: Hysperia

It is testament to the originality and inspiration of this mission that it was possible to pull out several separate post examples for various nominations and still not even remotely cover everything that was written. This was a mission with scope for character development, a chance to strengthen existing ties and forge new ones whilst also becoming an important pivot point for refitting the ship for upcoming missions. It was an opportunity to welcome on board several new characters and, most importantly, it finally gave our fire-loving engineer all the dragons he could hope for! Hysperia was a mission crafted by the crew, with a pace that was kind enough to allow time for exploration without allowing things to lose momentum. The finished product was the result of multiple strokes of genius and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of the fun.

Obsidian Command:: Into the Deep

The requirements state that “the crew was tested IC and OOC and showed quality writing”. Into the Deep has been one of the most perfect examples of this kind of a test and triumph. The mission plan was a creative work that was already highly invested into by the GM, involving a mysterious empire-building nightmare race, and a reconnaissance mission to learn more about them. As this mission rolled on, parts began to have a life as offshoots of the plan, and crew members had to actively petition the GM to make some of the supporting story relevant to their own unique ideas; in the magic that resulted, the GM recognized and adapted to the new story elements in wholehearted ways, such that in the end everyone who contributed has come away with something richer and our shared trust has deepened. Into the Deep has truly become a rewarding experience.

Obsidian’s Outstanding Player

Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson
The Commodore is there for everyone from offering helpful advice and suggestions in regard to mission(s) or equipment,

Becca / Ehestri
I could wax lyrical about the contribution Becca makes to the fleet and to her individual sims. She does everything. Probably too much. Not only does she run 2 OF sims, but she’s also AGM on others as well!
On a personal level, though, Becca cares a lot about the people she plays with. Constantly checking in, trying to be inclusive, and generally being more creative than people give her credit for.
She absolutely deserves acknowledgement for all the effort she’s put in the last few years.

Serahni has consistently demonstrated exceptional commitment, skill, and dedication as a player within our Games. Her contributions have significantly enhanced the overall experience for everyone involved on Athena, Atlantis, SS Mary Rose and Avalon. Her writing style is engaging, her characters are well-developed, and she consistently produces high-quality posts that captivate and inspire fellow players. She actively collaborates with others, bringing a positive and supportive atmosphere to the games. She truly deserves recognition as Obsidian’s Outstanding Player.

Obsidian Command Nikki is a dynamo, a rock-solid powerlifter for a player and writer on OC. She keeps the crew engaged with inventive ideas that both create camaraderie amongst the members IRL crew and stoke our creativity energy. She is something special. A writer who brings out the best in others simply by involving them in things. Nikki produces well developed, believable, imaginative and intriguing characters seemingly at the drop of hat. I am in awe of her creative abilities! she can have an array of stories and threads all in progress and trip neatly between each one with no drop in quality or enthusiasm. An enthusiasm which is completely and totally infectious, writing with Nikki is addicting, the more you do it, the better it gets and the more you want to write. Nikki is a tireless XO and all round supporter, producing so many writing opportunities for others.

Alex has a lot of talent and a big ol’ brain! The dude has ideas and stories leaking out of every part of him. He knows exactly when a post needs a spurt of energy and he also knows when to hold back and let the natural flow of ideas do their thing. His characters are wonderfully thought out and he pushes us all to our limits by being so creative we’re forced to keep up.

Dot is fantastic and the life and soul of our little group. She’s a great writer, a fantastic person, and a good friend.