Chapter 11 - The Tracker on the Hunt

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Days after obliterating the world with the global marketplace, the Tracker arrived in orbit of the giants.  They saw the ship coming from two systems away and had prepared their defenses in what they knew would be a fruitless defense.  In their glory age it would have been a fair fight and they might have even found a way to steal victory but not now.  Now Anu did what he could, ordering the women and children deep underground while he and the males made their stand.

The ship broke the atmosphere and the clouds, its rounded front edge raining fire and green streaks of light as it exterminated the ancient ones village by village.  Their weapons, which were little more than annoyances, functioned until they too were destroyed tactically.  It was then that Anu noticed dark objects dropping to the ground from the mega ship.  But they did not stay down.  Creatures from the worst nightmares of genetic engineers were soon galloping on all fours towards he and his men.  They fought with honor but were literally overrun by the hundreds of the creatures.  When the men were dead, the jet black creatures which looked like a large cat mixed with a jackyl and yellow glowing eyes raced into the caverns.

The ancients were gone.

And the Tracker moved on towards its target.