Chapter 14 - Target Acquired

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The thin-bodied male in a dark red tunic slithered his serpentine lower half across the chamber and approached the gilded platinum throne.

“Sire, after long last we have found the key.”

The hulking figure sitting above him scowled.  “I have heard this tale before Minister.”

The Minister coiled down, his head bowed.  “It is aboard a ship.”

That piqued the interest of the leader.  “What kind of ship?”

“Much smaller than your great chariot, much less powerful.”

“I will rip that ship apart with my bare hands if necessary.  I want that key returned.”

“As you will it, it shall be done.”

“Set final course, and make us invisible on approach, I do not want them to see us coming and destroy it.”

The Minister bowed again and slithered away as the Leader took in a deep breath.

“At long last.”