Chapter 1 - Woman in the Mirror

The guard walked down the hallway with Millie. “You’ll have ten minutes. She has already been restrained and won’t be able to reach you if you remain in the chair that’s been placed. When time’s up….time’s up. Are we on the same page?”


Millie nodded. “I understand.” She caught herself tapping her finger nervously on the edge of the PADD in her hands and took a breath to steady herself. She didn’t want the prisoner to pick up on her nervous energy.


He stopped at a door and unlocked it before opening it. “If you want out early just signal us.”


Millie gave a single nod of her head. Once the door opened, she stepped across the threshold. She paused a few steps into the room, letting the door close behind her.


Evelyn looked up from her cot/bench. She had two bands around her wrists fastened to the wall. About five feet away a single chair faced her. “Are you here to bring me home, love?”


Millie smirked as she sat. “Sorry, but no. This is where you will remain, at the discretion of whomever runs this facility.” She folded her hands in her lap on top of the PADD.


“So to what do I owe the visit? I’m not sure exactly where I’m located but I have to imagine it’s not easy to get to. Why did you call all this way?”


“I wanted to ask you more about your Millie, if I may?” Her hands flipped the PADD around and she opened a blank page. “When did she find out about her paternal connections?”


“We encountered an ancient race who informed her of her genetic makeup, being not fully human. You…she, had to be very careful, only telling a few close people and especially not her. She was a loose cannon and the loss of the Captain when he went running off after the one pretending to be his wife made things worse.”


Millie looked up from her PADD. “Loss of the Captain?”


“His wife turned out to be an imposter from another reality. She ran from him and tried to go back to where she came from. He followed her and we never saw him again. At that point there was a power vacuum and things stabilized when your friend assumed command because nobody would challenge her. Then when…my Millie died, and she figured out who your father was….” she gave a low whistle.  “Millie died from a severe allergic reaction to a specific spice…something you ought to have yourself tested for, by the way. It only affected Synapsians. Well, when she found out how and why you died, she went crazy, blaming your new family. She went AWOL, leaving the ship and going to their homeworld where she exploded a massive bomb in the heart of their capital. In the explosion were tons of that spice, all released up into the atmosphere and raining down on the people. She killed twenty or thirty million of them.” Evelyn leaned her back back against the wall with a grin of remembrance.


“I was still heartbroken but assumed command of the ship once the war broke out. Shadow lashed out at the Federation knowing that she was the one who attacked them. They launched their PK’s taking out Earth, Bajor, Betazed, and many other worlds. Our crew exited the conflict and went into business for ourselves. But I knew other realities were out there because of the woman and the Captain. So I thought if he had another wife, I could find another you.” She looked at Millie, a hint of a smile. “I’d be better for you than the one you have now.”


Millie had been tapping on her PADD while the Mirror Evelyn had been speaking. “I’m…aware of the allergy.” She looked up. “I survived my initial exposure, thanks to my father’s personal assistant.” She glanced down at the PADD, giving a small furrow of her eyebrows. “What happened with Chance Crow in your universe? In ours, Patricia married the Captain’s son.”


“I don’t recognize the name. In my reality she was never particularly romantic with anyone.”


“Really?” Millie shifted and leaned back in her chair. “The Captain and his wife adopted their oldest. Patricia left James Nadall at the altar for him.”


“It was before I joined the ship, but my understanding is that he jilted her in front of billions by rejecting her at their wedding. He had decided to marry some secretary of his or something. She hated him for it.”


Millie gave a single laugh. “As much as I hate to admit it, the secretary would actually be really good for him.”


“You’re running out of time. Anything else you want to know?”


Millie’s hands folded in her lap again. “Who killed her?”


Now Evelyn smiled. “I’ll tell you, but it’ll cost you.”


“I don’t think there is much I can do for you.”


“One kiss.”




“Tick Tock.”


“If you loved her, you wouldn’t ask this of me.”


Evelyn tilted her head, giving a slight shrug. “Then give me your PADD instead.”


“I’m sorry that you lost her.” Millie powered down the PADD, placing it in her lap again. “And I think she would be…disappointed. Both in you, and in Patricia.”


“I’m a prisoner in an alternate universe surrounded by people who I have long since lost. Spare me the guilt trip. But I will tell you one thing. You better pray your friend never finds out your secret, because she’ll burn this galaxy down.”  She started laughing, before nodding to the door.  “Times up.”


Millie tucked the PADD in the crook of her arm. “Then between myself, Henry, her husband, and Statzia–”


“You’ll spend your lives babysitting a psychopath.”


The Counselor smiled. “But she’s our psychopath.” Millie heard the click of the door latch. She gave a smile, and turned.


Evelyn watched her leave, promising herself she’d get the last word…someday.