Chapter 1 - Awakening

“No worries, Ensign,” said the nurse as he pressed the hypospray to Millie’s neck. “The Counselor will be right as rain after a couple of days’ rest. She’ll wake up in a few minutes, but we’ll keep her here a few more hours under observation while we finish topping off her fluids. With any luck, we’ll have her home in time for dinner.”


Evelyn gave a thankful smile.  “Thank you.”  Her eyes went back to Millie, as the adrenaline wore off.  Seeing her and knowing it was recovery time, she felt a shuttlecraft was taken off her shoulders.


Millie’s eyes fluttered as the stimulant took hold and the sedative worked its way out of her system. She tried to open her eyes but flinched at the brightness of the light around her. She tried lifting a hand to shield her face, but her whole arm felt heavy and numb.


Evelyn lightly placed her hand on Millie’s arm.  “Hey, it’s okay. They took care of everything.”


“Ev?” The world seemed to come more into focus with the sound of her girlfriend’s voice. 


“You apparently took a shot down on the surface.  Lost some blood but medical got you patched up and the Captain says you’re benched for two days, no arguing.  And don’t worry, I have a very accomplished babysitter while I’m here.”


Millie reached her right hand over, grasping the hand resting on her arm. “Did—did we find her?” A few blinks brought her vision to reality, and her eyes found Evelyn’s face. “Did we get her back?”


“Who do you think oversaw your surgery?”  Evelyn grinned.  “Everything went according to plan, except your injury.”


Millie gave the hand a squeeze. “I wasn’t exactly planning on getting shot, if that’s what you were asking.” She rotated her shoulder now that she was feeling a bit more of her body. “I just remember the world going rather white and spotty, and all I could think about was needing to see you.”


“Well, you’ll see a lot of me since you’re not allowed to work for a few days.  Probably get sick of me.”  She gave a grin.

“I’m hoping I get to see a lot of you for a really long time.” Millie bit her lower lip, shifting herself in the bed with a tug on the IV hooked into her arm. “And as soon as they let me go back to our quarters, I can get it and do this right. There’s little box hiding in my sock drawer–I got it the last time we were on shore leave, and with everything that’s happened, I was waiting for the right time–”


Evelyn listened carefully when the moment was interrupted by the chirp on her badge.


“Ensign, have you completed the tri-level diagnostics on Decks eight, nine, and ten?”


She gave an inward sigh, not wanting her superior to hear it audibly.  “I was in the middle of that when…”


“It needs completed.”


“Yes, Sir, it’s just I was called away. It won’t take long.”


“One hour.”


There was no please, thank you, or goodbye.


“Lieutenant Commander Stinson just looooves me.”

“And so do I,” Millie said with a soft chuckle. “Which is why–once you’re done with the tri-level diagnostic, I hope you’ll agree to marry me.”


Evelyn was speechless.  “I..uh…oh wow.”


It…wasn’t the response Millie was expecting. “I’m sorry. I should have discussed things with you before. I wanted to ask a while ago, and everything happened with the mirror you, and I didn’t–”


Evelyn cut her off with a kiss.  “Unexpected doesn’t mean bad.  I would be very happy to say yes.”


Millie couldn’t hide the excitement behind her smile. “There’s a ring, I promise. As soon as they let me off this bed, it’ll be on your finger.”

“I believe you, I believe you.”  Evelyn couldn’t help but smile at her excitement.”

“Now, let’s see what I can do about getting this diagnostic reassigned–” Millie reached over and tapped the comm unit next to the biobed. “Stepanova to Lieutenant Commander Stinson…”