Chapter 4 - A Rare Night Out

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“Henry walked down the corridor towards the Lounge with Edra.  “Have I mentioned how beautiful you are lately?  I’m not sure I have.”


Edra responded with a straight face, “It has been a while.  I was starting to think you’d changed your mind.”  She couldn’t stop the grin from the corner of her mouth as she glanced at him sideways.


“No Ma’am, that thought has never crossed my mind since the day I first walked into your sickbay.”  The door swished open and the Lounge was empty and dimmed except for a table set for two with two candles burning.  “There are some perks when you’re the boss.”


“I see that,” she said to the last part.  And his mention of their past never failed to bring a smile to her face.  “And clearing a mess hall of officers is a mighty feat indeed.”


He led her to the table, pulling her chair.  “Only the best.  I feel like it’s been ages since we had a chance to just relax and be just the two of us.”


“Way too long,” she agreed.  “Did you make this yourself?”


“The ship?  No, I always failed those classes at the Academy.”  He grinned, taking his seat.  “I had some time, so I told them what I wanted us to have.”  He tapped the ordering PADD.  “What’re you in the mood for?”


“No,” she said, chuckling.  “I meant the food, but I guess not if we are ordering.”  She thought for a bit before answering his question.  “The pasta.”


He entered the meal options.  “And to drink?”


“Oh, is indigo wine on the list?”  It was a favourite of hers.


“Not only is it…” he tapped into the PADD….”but it’s not even replicated.”  A moment later their food and drinks shimmered onto the table.  He opened the bottle, pouring her a glass.  “After all these years, it always feels the same to be sitting across from you.”


She took the offered glass with a smile, waited for him to pour himself one.  He was being very sentimental tonight, and she hoped she hadn’t forgotten an important date.  “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”  She held her glass out toward him.


He poured a glass and clinked her’s.  “We are always so busy with work or the kids going in different directions, there’s days when I don’t think we say more than a few words in passing but I want you to always know that you’re the one who holds all of this together.  Family, ship, all of it.”


Edra felt as if she could have flown–without a starship–at that moment.  “Thank you.  I couldn’t do it without you, though.  Not only that, I wouldn’t want to.  We already tried it.  You have always been the only one for me.”


He took a sip, cutting up the steak in front of him, nodding when he took the first bite.  “You’ll be happy to know, at least I hope, that not only did I arrange for our privacy in here but there’s a sleepover arranged for the evening.”


She smiled, surprised.  “Ours or the kids?”  She grinned.


“Sort of both.  I was able to twist a few arms.”


She raised a brow.  “You know I don’t like it when you resort to violence, especially with the crew.”


“It’s family so I’m allowed.  Nothing in regulations about that sort of thing.”  He grinned, taking another sip.  “Besides, it’s been awhile since you had a reason to wear that little green number.”


She chuckled with a knowing smile.  “I’ve noticed you do like that one.”


“There is only one thing better than seeing you in it.  And that is, seeing you out of it.”


If anyone else had been there to hear him, she would have blushed.  But as it was just them, she grinned over the rim of her wineglass, satisfied that she could still elicit that response from him.


He ate in silence for a few moments.  “It’s been awhile since we were on Bajor, I’m not even sure Marcus has ever seen it.  Maybe we ought to put in for some time off and go?”


She finished a bite before responding.  “He was just an infant when the kids and I went, so he wouldn’t remember.”  It brought to mind her last trip there, and the events that had unfolded, leaving her unable to enjoy most of the trip–damn The Nadall’s and their sense of entitlement.  So a trip without that drama, and one that also included her husband sounded great.  “I love the idea!”


He smiled at her excitement.  “So, if I can interject a little business, I’d like the XO to handle that scheduling at her convenience.”


“Aye, Sir,” she answered officially. 


He kept his smile the rest of the night.