Character Profile - Amelia St Lacroix

Amelia St Lacroix
Human Female

Place of Origin: Canada, Earth

Physical Description

Amelia is average and boring, as her father once described her, and she came to use that to her advantage. She was one of those people that was always described as “normal”. She had avoided tattoos, something she prides herself on in her life, and her scars, while more plenty than most would expect, are limited to areas often covered by clothing.

Personality Profile
Early years Biography

“A woman be neither seen, nor heard,” were some of the earliest words that Amelia could remember her father saying. Most people would consider that to be an insult or sexist, but the girl was practically born with a hunting rifle in her hands. Born on Earth in what used to be Canada, her family hailed from the edges of the Boreal Forest; the daughter of a trapper and a school teacher.

By age 8 she was a natural shot, going hunting with her father, who’d been a Marine when he was younger, retiring to chase deer and live in the frigid Canadian winters. He had taught her trap making, running a line and hunting. Her mother had insisted on what she called more useful skills, maths, writing and languages. French, English, Cree and a little German made up her dictionary by age 10, and by age 16, she’d have added Romulan and Bajoran to that.


That combination of skills would ultimately prove useful as she considered career opportunities. Ultimately, she settled as a Marine after her father, having her eye set on demolitions, showing high promise as a marksman as well. Accepted into ROTC and to be ultimately trained as an officer, she took Biological chemistry as a degree option.

Her time in school was rough, as her skills with rifles showed through, and made those around her look bad by comparison. It lead to conflict, and even one allegation that she was in sexual relations with a teacher, causing her to ultimately be transferred to a different school. It made her a little antisocial, but lead to her forming a very healthy independence, another feather in a hat she hadn’t yet figured out she was wearing.

It didn’t take long for Force Recon to take note of the Demolition specialist, as her original MOS had been. Force Recon took her into their fold at 24, making Designated Marksman her primary, and moving Demolition to her secondary. She excelled in the new role, beyond her own expectations, and earned an extra set of eyes on her by her 26th birthday.

Intelligence’s Joint Taskforce 6, a specialized Counter Terrorism unit put together to operate between the Federation, the remains of the Romulan Star Empire, the Klingon Empire and even Cardassia, giving the unit the ability to be deployed behind the scenes at the request of another nation to help maintain order. JT6 moved her into one of their units, and her history drops off the map, retconned and hidden behind black markers.

It suited Amelia well, and her love of trapping turned into a useful skill, using her knowledge of demolitions to successfully make her a formidable foe for many in setting up areas of control with her team. Her skills with the heavily modified LM7-S5 meant that she earned a name with overwatch.

After two years of specialized service, she was cycled back into Force Recon to use her curated skills on a more diversified field, helping the Federation on the front lines. With that, her skills were thought to be best used on Falkirk, where she was deemed to be a useful asset to the Marine Corps as both a soldier and a trainer.