Character Profile - Sival

Human/Vulcan Male

Place of Origin: Rh’lar city, Vulcan

Physical Description

Sival is just shy of 2 meters tall, weighing in at around 75 kilograms, giving him a slightly slim to average build. His hair is black and cropped in the traditional Vulcan style. While he is half-human, he retains prominent Vulcan ears and eyebrows. When not in Starfleet uniform, Sival is usually dressed in conservative clothing. He wears his wedding ring, despite his wife having passed away almost 15 years ago.

Personality Profile

As expected for someone with Vulcan attributes, Sival is usually calm, controlled and even-tempered. However, he has been known at times to become excited during projects he is passionate about. In this state of mind, Sival can be impulsive and distracted, usually in pursuit of some bit of truth or knowledge. Sival’s friends have described him as humble and wise, although a bit compulsive and scatterbrained at times. Sival gets along with his crew mates well, despite being rather private and introverted. He easily forms professional relationships, and sometimes personal and friendly ones as well. Sival values fairness, optimism and knowledge, especially through his his interactions with a diverse range of colleagues and friends.

Early years Biography

Sival was born in Rh’lar city on Vulcan to a Vulcan mother and Human father. As a child, even though green blood ran through his veins, his heart was undoubtedly and unabashedly Human. Sival was also an explorer and always had a curious mind. His father was a Doctor, and Sival would often tag along as his father practiced family medicine. Ultimately, Sival chose medicine as a career.

Sival completed a Medical Degree in comparative physiology, then he obtained a Ph.D. in Psychology and an additional M.D. in Psychiatry. Sival was a resident of Condar Hospital on Betazed, a member of the Médecins Sans Frontières corp following the Hobus Supernova, then settled into a private Psychiatry practice on Earth.

After some years of reflection, Sival realized that Starfleet was somewhere that he could make a difference.


Sival is a newly-minted member of Starfleet.