Character Profile - Sheza Yaz

Sheza Yaz
Tellarite Female

Place of Origin: Tellar

Physical Description



Hair Color

Eye Color
Deep Brown-Red

Physical Description
Tall among the Tellarites, but still broad and solid, Sheza comes across as imposing. Her mass is mostly muscle and she moves with a slow grace. She wears her hair short and her tusks are only just visible when she is not speaking. As a tactical officer, she feels she should be armed at all times when on duty but will disarm if requested by a superior.

Personality Profile

Sheza like to think of herself as a Tellarite’s Tellarite, straightforward, argumentative, hard-working. She is all of these things but also a loyal member of Starfleet, she works hard to represent the best of her home culture and of Starfleet.

General Overview
Joining Starfleet has been the driving purpose to her life, now she is here, she needs to decide how to focus her drive. For the moment that is doing her job well and defending the Federation.

Strengths & Weaknesses
Sheza is determined, once she sets he mind on something, she will achieve it. She exemplifies all of the positive aspects of her culture, hard work, dedication, and a questioning mind.

But her determination makes her hard to turn from a path once she has started on it, she has tried to learn to adapt to new information and make course adjustments, but it can be a challenge.
She also cannot resist challenging people’s assumptions and beliefs, defend your position! Truth is forged in debate and no idea should go unchallenged.

To do her best for Starfleet and Tellar Culture, perhaps a command someday, she is not yet sure if she has what is needed for command but she is interested in finding out.

Hobbies & Interests
Martial arts and armed combat.
Practical mechanics and ancient weaponry.

Early years Biography

After the death of her parent during the Dominion War, her maybe I will “try out for the Academy” thoughts turned into a drive of “I will join Starfleet”. With the support of her aunt, Sheza set he iron will to doing everything needed to get into the Academy and Starfleet.

She started as an Engineering cadet but soon shifted to Tactical as something that seemed to suit her talents better but she still took all of the basic engineering classes and the electives having to do with ship’s weaponry. She was a solid if not exceptional student.


Assigned to the USS Hou Yi as Chief Tactical Officer