Character Profile - Andreas du Lac

Andreas du Lac
Human Male

Place of Origin: France, Earth

Physical Description

Height: 6ft 2
Weight: 182lb
Eyes: Blue-grey
Complexion: Caucasian, lightly coloured.
Hair: Grey

Although the years have been kind to Andreas, he has finally started to feel like the older man he is. Not quite the physical specimen he was in his younger years, his lean frame and slightly above average height somewhat belies his age.

Personality Profile

Quite often seen as direct to the point of bluntness, Andreas has developed a reputation amongst the Admirals of Starfleet as being something of a hard-hitter. This has served him well over the years in his career and during the years of the establishment of the Ninth Fleet, more commonly known as Obsidian Fleet. Andreas is intellectually gifted, though often finds himself “cutting through the talk” as this comes with a sense of arrogance and impatience for those who tend to drag their explanations on for too long.

Early years Biography

Brought up in the upper-class 16th arrondissement of Paris, Andreas can trace his family’s dedication to service back to the French Revolution. Being born into a family of distinguished civil servants and career diplomats, Andreas is seen as the “black sheep” of his family and being one of few du Lac’s who chose to serve in the military rather than in the civilian arm of the United Federation of Planets and its predecessors. Schooled at the prestigious École Jeannine Manuel, Andreas found himself rapidly falling into the family tradition of a life of civil service. However, being brought up in the sporting section of the capital of France, Andreas developed a passion for competitive sport and found himself playing for the Stade Français rugby union club juniors at an early age. Although not entirely to his parent’s liking, Andreas took the opportunity to continue his education and rugby playing career in Durham University, England. Andreas excelled in Extragalactic Astronomy which caught the attention of Starfleet recruitment officers. He accepted the offer of a fast-track path into Starfleet Academy based on his academic record and entered service in Starfleet in 2355.