Character Profile - Ovik


Place of Origin: Vulcan

Physical Description

Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown

Ovik is a smaller Vulcan in stature, but he nevertheless holds great respect by his very nature and stance. He is cool, calm, reserved, and it shows on the outside. He is fairly fit, although it is not overly noticeable. He carries with his stride a sense of pride without arrogance and a serious tone without being overly rigid.

Personality Profile

Ovik’s Vulcan logic tends to be more subdued than his peers from secondary school and all the academies. He is a bit more ambitious than his family would have preferred, and therefore he appears more Romulan or Human than Vulcan (as far as emotion and logic). He is however very loyal, and stands by his Vulcan and Federation ways.

Ovik is fairly mild-mannered and does not give in much to his emotions or extreme logic. He comes across as very plain and quiet, and yet millions of calculations are going on in the back of his mind at all times. He is smart and yet reserved. He is a keen decision maker, and yet he lets others come to the same conclusions on their own in fair ways.

Languages: Vulcan, Federation Standard, Romulan, Conversational Klingon

Early years Biography

After completing secondary schooling in the monestaries on Vulcan, Ovik decided, against the will of his family, to enter Starfleet. Instead of becoming a monk like his father, he wanted to serve the Federation.

Especially with impending instability, Ovik really wanted to join Starfleet. However, his logic was pushed aside as was often the case, and he enlisted instead of taking the full 4-year academy. He trained in the Enlisted Academy for two years, and took his officer courses at a later time

After following a certain Caymen Greener around for a short stint as science officer, he decided to join the Captain at science and as the yeoman, Caymen’s right-hand man… or Vulcan. He was even given a warrant in 2357. In those seemingly-brief 19 years with the great admiral, Ovik needed to find his own way finally.

Ovik later went back to officers academy specializing in operations and command, eventually meeting back up with Ambassador Greener and a Captain Berel Joon, meeting the great Romulan Ambassador and Commander, S’Havraha as well. Because of all this work and those relationships, he spent a few years doing diplomatic work, ending on a short advisory position on Leto Colony near Romulan space.

But in the late 2380s, it was time for command. Ovik was called to leadership and took the executive officer position on the Columbia namesake. A smaller escort and light cruiser, it was the perfect place for him to earn his command wings. And in so doing, he earned himself his own seat on that same ship.

About this time, Starfleet and Pegasus Fleet needed a new Task Force commander and they selected Ovik, including the command of a brand new refit Nova-class vessel. This was one of his greatest tests, and he took the challenge head on.