Character Profile - Hannah Rodden

Hannah Rodden
Human/Vulcan Female

Place of Origin: Earth Spacedock

Physical Description

Hannah’s physique is lanky, with no musculature more than that of what she was born with. Her skin is soft and pale, like the parchment of a book. Her Vulcan genes have remained dominant in her brow, showcasing signature eyebrows pointing upward. Almost seeming to meet with the great points of her ears. Her face is otherwise rounded and friendly, with full cheeks that augments her smile. A prominent feature is her overturned nose, marking a clear divide on her face. She keeps her hair only barely touching her shoulders, it is naturally wavy. Being parted in the middle, and loosely swept back, it often unintentionally covers her Vulcan features.

Personality Profile

Hannah is an intrinsically curious woman, inquisitive about the history of the galaxy and all those who have come to inhabit it. Abhorrently atheistic. To her, everything must have a clear, measurable explanation. Though she may not realise it, and would certainly refute it, Hannah does have a mothering attitude to nearly everyone around her. She thoroughly enjoys taking charge, and capturing responsibility. In taking responsibility, she is quick to blame herself for mistakes and failures, even those which are unforeseeable. She doesn’t take well to being questioned however, Hannah can be a decisive person, and very headstrong once she believes she is doing the right thing.

Early years Biography

Hannah was born on Earth Spacedock in 2360. It was found immediately that because of her 1/4 Vulcan heritage, she had inherited the rare ‘T’Kaela’s Syndrome’. Once she was born, her parents moved to Earth, Ireland. Her sister Emily was born two years later. Surrounded by thick forests and living not far from the coast, Hannah developed an appreciation for the natural world. She would often be found staring at the horizon, always being on the edge of realising the scope and scale of the planet she stood on. Looking to the moon, she felt the gravity between the bodies. In 2374, when Hannah was 14, her mother Parik was assigned to an Ambassador Class ship as the COO in the Dominion War; and two years later she returned, noticeably absent from the family from now on. At the age of 18, in 2379, Hannah joined Starfleet Academy. Joined two years later by her sister.


* 2383 – Graduated from Starfleet Academy. Posted to USS Belfast.
* 2386 – Promoted to Lt.,
* 2387 – Accepted position on Station 451.
* 2388 – Accepted position on USS Korrba.
* 2390 – Promoted to Lt.
* 2397 – Offer of promotion to Lt. Cmdr. on condition of acceptance of CSO position.
* 2398 – Accepted CSO position aboard USS Gwydion and promoted to Lt. Cmdr.