Character Profile - Zavareh Sepandiyar

Zavareh Sepandiyar

Place of Origin: Paris, Earth

Physical Description

Height – 5’9″
Weight – 155lbs
Hair Color – Gray
Eye Color – Brown

Physical Description

Zavareh is not a strong physical presence by any standards, human or otherwise. It is a misleading trait as he is hardier than anyone would expect, which has ultimately given rise to his own unique reputation.

Not vain by any stretch of the imagination. His hair began to recede decades ago, but he has never once considered having that adjusted by a Doctor, nor has he considered having the many scars he has accumulated over the years removed. They make him who he is, and he believes strongly that we are no one if we cannot even hold true to our own selves. Not many have that strength of character.

Strong baritone voice, thick with accent and raspy from one too many attempts to kill him. The Doctor’s would categorize it as damage to his throat and voicebox that would require surgery, but like the scars on his body, he refuses to let it be fixed.

Personality Profile

Zavareh has been in Starfleet for longer than most and been through even more. While he may have started young and on the fast track to being something of a prodigy, that was all derailed quickly by the circumstances of his service. The same circumstances that shaped his personality, his view of the universe and the way in which he leads.

Since day one among the Fleet, Zavareh has found himself hip deep in the deepest and darkest conflicts Starfleet has engaged in. Klingon’s, Romulan’s, Kzinti, Breen, Cardassian’s and of course, the Borg. He has had the unfortunate luck to have been involved with almost every hostile species in the Alpha Quadrant and beyond. The result is a man who is not only experienced beyond the measure of any three others, but a man that is known in the darkest circles.

Zavareh has prices on his head high enough to make even the most squeamish Ferengi consider attempting his capture, put there by several prominent Klingon Houses who have tangled with Starfleet and ultimately with whatever vessel Zavareh was serving on. Despite many well thought out and nearly successful attempts on his life he is still alive, to the ire of the Klingon’s who would rather see him tried, tortured and killed for his crimes. Traversing into Klingon space for him, even at the helm of a Starfleet vessel, would be tantamount to suicide – at least it should have been all three times, each time increasing the price on his head and earning him the moniker “Tark’pal thul Sto’Vo’Kor”, roughly translated as ‘Sto’Vo’Kors Harbinger’. He earned the name, not because he is so mighty to face the entire Empire on his own, but because his presence is generally the prelude to some grander conflict that results in the deaths of many Klingon’s, but has yet to claim Zavareh’s life. Hence the name – he announces the arrival of the conflict that will take them to Sto’Vo’Kor. Naturally he’s sent a few there himself.

While the Klingon’s would love to get their hands on him to pass judgement for his perceived crimes, the Romulan’s have taken a different stand. Within the Star Empire, he and the entire crew of the USS Iowa, Intrepid Class, have a standing ‘kill’ order on their heads. A kill order that has, to date, claimed the lives of eight of the thirteen crew that survived the incident. Zavareh bears an ugly scar along the entire right side of his chest from the Romulan’s last attempt to carry out that order that resulted in deaths six, seven and eight and very nearly made him number nine.

Between the Breen, the Cardassian’s and even the Bajoran’s, Zavareh is a wanted man yet he has never directly caused any harm to any party. He is not a war-monger, nor a trouble maker, he has simply had the good fortune (or misfortune) of being involved in more conflicts than he cares to remember – most of which have culminated in his own infamy.

He is the personification of the statement: ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’
Strengths & WeaknessesZavareh is a survivor. It is his single greatest strength – bar none. The rest is simply details.


– Analytical thinking. Very adept at dissecting a situation and working out the viable and non-viable outcomes quickly.
– Priority management. He has been trained and has had years of practicing weighing which task is priority and which isn’t.
– Acceptance of reality. Some might call it emotional detachment, but Zavareh is able to accept the reality of situation (even if it is life and death) and still make a rational decision. Emotional detachment would imply that he didn’t care of the outcome, which is not the case. He is just capable of accepting that death may be one of the viable outcomes of the situation and making his decision regardless.


– Piloting. He studied Operations with a minor in Engineering but has less than zero piloting abilities. Starship, shuttle or rowboat, he is the last person you want flying.
– Emotional expression. While he is capable of feeling and understanding emotions internally and externally, he is not capable of expressing them well. Even the simplest of emotions like gratitude seem forced when they come from him, even though he may genuinely mean it. He would move heaven and earth, even risk death and dismemberment traversing Klingon space for his children, but he could not even attempt to tell them that he ‘loved’ them. It’s simply not in his character.


Zavareh knows better than to have any dreams, as life always takes such ideas and grinds them into dust. He is just happy to continue to enjoy the work he does, and he will continue to do it until he is killed or is incapable of doing it. Klingon’s will regularly adopt kittens before he retires to a quiet seaside villa for the last of his golden years.

Hobbies & Interests:

Fishing. Chess. Earth Literature and Galactic History.

Early years Biography

Zavareh was born as the only child to a couple who’s only ambition in life was to continue to live off the reputation of their own parent’s and enjoy life of enhanced luxury that came along with that. While Earth of the early 24th century was already a utopian paradise, for those on the right side of things, that utopia was even more so and his parents were on that. As the son and daughter of a prominent diplomat and a Federation Council member, respectively, there was very little in the world that they wanted for. In fact, the choice to have a son was not a function of wanting to start a family and share that joy in their lives with another, but to simply ‘possess’ that experience. They actually wanted little to do with raising a child and in turn immediately turned their only son’s attention to the small army of caregivers and educators at their disposal.

As would be expected from a child who’s parents were not interested in nurturing and who gave his educational progress away to others, he began to quickly excel. But what was more was that he not only excelled, he passed the mark in nearly every aptitude available. From languages to sciences, Zavareh was the proverbial savant and was driven to push himself further with the hopes that his parents would finally see how well he was doing and offer some measure of praise or reinforcement that he was a good child and a good student. But that praise never came. Ever.

As a boy, he spent countless hours in quiet study in a desperate attempt to get some attention for himself from his parents and in turn surpassed all of his peers in every aspect of his education. He was accelerated several grade levels as he progressed in his education, ultimately graduating three years earlier than he should have. By now, Zavareh had come to the realization that his parents were never going to express anything more than a fleeting interest in him; that they viewed him as a possession or an accessory that they needed to polish and take off the shelf to show their friends only when it suited them. Aside from having taught him to speak their native Farsi, they really had nothing to do with his upbringing. What he did know was that they intended to continue to polish him for their presentation to others and expected that he would further his early education at any one of the more prestigious Universities on Earth; though they had their short list. His graduation party was the first time Zavareh truly realized his parents intentions for him, and so he made the one decision he knew that they would hate; the one decision he knew would seal a rift between them that would be difficult to seal.

He went out of their reach. He went where they could no longer show him off.

It wasn’t hard for a boy of his intelligence to garner attention, even in the utopian world that the Federation had ushered in on Earth. And when Zavareh directed that attention towards Starfleet, they moved heaven, Earth and a few scattered constellations to make sure that he tested and gained entry to the Academy. He may have only been fifteen, but they wanted him more than any other institution on the planet did and it showed in their zeal to admit him. Zavareh could have cared less about their interests. He only cared that it was the one place his parents influence, wealth and connections could not touch him. Here he was what he wanted to be and no longer a shiny object for his parents to show off to their friends. He was his own man now.