Character Profile - N'vok Holv


N’vok Holv
Vulcan Male

Place of Origin: Vulcan

Physical Description

Tall 9185cm), slender but athletic. Wears his hair shoulder length and tied back. Often wears glasses with built-in datafeed and sensors.

Missing the pinky of his left hand.

Personality Profile

N’vok is a strong believer in the Federation and, to a lesser extent Starfleet. He went through the Academy and served in Starfleet for ten years. Then he retired to one of the off-world campuses of the Vulcan Science Academy as a researcher and then instructor. With his wife, also an academic, they raised two children.

As of two years ago, and much discussion, he decided to return to Starfleet to help them with their shortage of experienced crew.

Ambitions N’vok is curious, organized and dedicated, all strong features in a scientist. His focus while serving in Starfleet was energy fields, systems and crystal formation. While at the VSA, he expanded his studies to philosophy, cultural formation and alien interaction. Since rejoining Starfleet he has been catching up on the advancements in the fields.

His weakness is that he is still more in the academic mindset than the Starfleet one.

Hobbies & Interests N’vok’s interests are wide-ranging, from hard sciences to social sciences. Sciences are his hobbies as well, there is not scientific field he is uninterested in though his understanding of most is casual at best as there is just so much to learn.

Early years Biography

Vulcan Science Academy, Starfleet Academy,


He served efficiently at several installations over a decade before deciding that his skills would better serve as a teacher and retiring to academia and to raise a family. It was a life that suited him well and he prospered, learning and teaching.

But after his children were grown and off on careers of their own, after considerable discussion with his wife, he decided to return to Starfleet and use his skills as a teacher to help Starfleet rebuild. His commission was swiftly reactivated and he has spent the last two years getting back up to speed on current Starfleet procedure.

TO his surprise, he was assigned to a shipboard post, though once he learned the ship, it made more sense.