Character Profile - Gen'Terta CrystalCliff


Gen’Terta CrystalCliff
Arten (Snowrunner subspecies) Female

Place of Origin: Arten Confederacy World of Cordia

Physical Description

A member of a reclusive Vulpine alien species, With White and Black fur markings, with Glacial blue stripes along her Muzzle, Gen’Terta Stands at 5’1″, standing among the tallest living members of her species. Lithe and strong, She’s most often seen clad in a Black and Grey armor, with the Blue markings of Star Fleets Science departments, Armor that serves the purpose of keeping her body From overheating, as much as Protecting her from weapons fire.

Personality Profile

Gen’Tetra is often described as Cold and belligerent, most often by people who’ve had limited if any experience in getting to know her. In truth She is deeply caring, and exeptionally emotional, though utterly opposed to showing it without cause, a Byproduct of the Harsh upbringing she had on the Twilight world of Cordia. Gen’Tetra does, how ever, fall into the same trap Most Arten Do, of struggling to identify one Humanoid Species from another, often leading her to generalize them into generic: Humanoids.

Early years Biography

Gen’Terta CrystalCliff Was born on the Arten Confederacy World of Cordia, a Cold, Slush ball type L Class planet that serves as the Arten Confederacies Largest Information center. Lacking the Raw materials of Artania, Nor the developed Farmlands or industrial base of Telacha, the settlers of Cordia adapted to exploit the one resource their world was more then abundant in, The Cold.

Massive Computational processors were assembled into the Titanic Ice sheets, creating Massive research complexes that Propelled them into the forefront of the scientific research committees. Entire Academies cropped up across frozen landscape with Nearly all the population of the world committing themselves to sciences. Gen’Terta Herself was no exception, Joining the Confederacies defense forces as a Espionage analyst, her scientific focus Leading her to seek ways of furthering the Confederacies Subspace Research.

Her Career progression had her quickly rising through the Ranks as a warrant officer, Just in time for the diplomatic Investigation process to see her assigned to the federation for the dual purposes of evaluating Star Fleets, as well as the federation at large.

Gen’terta Was born in Cordia’s largest Academic Research complex to a relatively small family of Arctic Arten. Raised alongside Her Three Siblings She Quickly grew to have an aptitude for physics, thought his was hardly surprising do in part to her Fathers status as a Researcher for the Confederacy science council. While her younger years were happy and adventurous across the Wind blasted Cliffs of Her home city she would quickly Become withdrawn and reserved when her parents separated, Splitting the siblings apart. Gen found herself the only one of her Siblings to stay with her father, who grew ever more emotionally distant as the Months dragged on into years, A distance that started to reflect in the young girl.
By the time she was old enough to join the Science council she Ultimately decided to decline the half hearted invitation her father had offered her, and in a First for her city, joined the Arten Confederacy defense fleet, with the goal of becoming the Premier Subspace espionage specialist within the Highly specialized fleet.

During her time at the Academy She opted to Specialized her focus as a science officer into both the Well developed field of Genetic Engineering, and the Much newer fields of subspace manipulation and espionage, The former she struggled with, though she did ultimately Succeed in Becoming certified with the specialty, She Excelled at the latter, a Success she attributed to her Rapid Rise thorugh the Warrant officer Ranks of the ACDF. While her intention had been to Leave her homeworld and further distance herself from her family, she Ultimately Ended up being stationed at the Polar Subspace Antenna At Cordia’s southern Pole For the majority of her career. Here she withdrew into her work.


Gen’Terta served as one of the lead researches for the ACDF’s Subspace espionage team, as an expert on Subspace wave theory, her research leading to the ACDF Stars Eye, and the subsequent diplomatic Debacle the massive subspace listening and spy post ended up causing, An event that quickly saw her fall from Grace with the Head of the Confederacy’s Research teams. She subsequently requested A transfer to the Federation Diplomatic Envoy team, with her being assigned to the USS Elysium and Staff warrant officer Reo’Thanra’s diplomatic team