Character Profile - Rin

xB Female

Place of Origin: Minneapolis, Earth

Physical Description

5’5″, 135 lbs, straight, dark chin length hair, blue eyes, metal implants above and below her left eye as well as along her left arm.

Personality Profile

Rin is matter-of-fact and prefers for things to be orderly, although she accepts that things frequently are not.

She tends to cultivate a few close friends rather than large social circles, and she can have difficulty forming initial bonds.

She is highly analytical and enjoys processing data and pulling meaningful conclusions from it, which is why intelligence officer was deemed the most appropriate placement for her. She continues to cross-train with other departments in order to perform more effectively in a variety of situations.

Her manner is generally formal, clinical and professional, particularly on-duty, although she continues to work on more informal mannerisms on her off hours.

Early years Biography

Rin was born Nicola Lynd, the daughter of a civilian doctor and a Starfleet officer. She grew up on a Starfleet ship with her younger sister and was interested in joining the Academy at a young age.

She married fellow cadet James Addison just before they were graduated from Academy in order to be placed on the same ship, the USS London.

The London was lost at Wolf 359, and Rin spent the next 17 in the Collective as One of Six. In deep space, her cube encountered an unknown entity which psychically disrupted the drones, which were then quarantined from the wider Collective. Many of the drones went mad. Some regained some sense of individuality and remained partially sane. Others attempted to follow through on the last orders given, which was to destroy the cube.

Rin and others gathered as many drones as they could convince to flee the cube. They landed on the first world they found, the remote world of Tavara. They had to put down some of their own, but the remaining stable drones found sanctuary among the Tavari, who had the medical capabilities to remove some of their implants. Rin’s communicator was found under the removed implants, but the world was not known to the Federation, so the symbol meant nothing.

Without memories of her old life, she took the name Rin and became a personal assistant and bodyguard of the local governor, who had originally been instrumental in protecting the drones, now collectively referred to as the Free.

When Starfleet made first contact several years later, Rin recognized the communicator symbol and asked to return with them, in the hopes of understanding who she was. Genetic tests identified her as Nicola Addison. She was eventually granted permission to return to Starfleet.


2361 – Graduated Starfleet Academy and assigned to the USS London as a tactical officer.
2362 – Promoted to rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2363 – Assumed lost at the Battle of Wolf 359.
[2380 – Escapes the Collective and settled on Tavara
2388 – Returns to the Federation after Starfleet initiates first contact with the Tavari]
2390 – Returns to Starfleet active duty as an intelligence officer on board the USS Mississippi
2397 – Reassigned to USS Elysium