Character Profile - Harold Dodge

Harold Dodge

Place of Origin: Killeen, Texas

Physical Description

Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 189 lbs
Hair Color: Black (with some white sprinkled in)
Eye Color: Dark Grey

Physical Description: Tall and wiry, Harold may not look overly strong, however, if tested, his opponent would quickly learn not to judge him by his appearance. The nearly twenty years of hard service in Starfleet has left him as a finely honed weapon.

His eyes are constantly scanning, even if he is looking straight ahead. Very little gets past his attention. While there is a certain level of danger present in those eyes, they can instantly switch to humor with very little effort.

Personality Profile

A Starfleet officer to his core, Harold would gladly not only give his life, but the lives of his crew, to protect Earth and the Federation. While on duty, he is straight laced and by the book…though sometimes it’s his own book.

When he is off duty, he completely relaxes. He can usually be found wearing his favorite outfit of dark blue jeans, black cowboy boots, a white or red long sleeve button up shirt, and his black Stetson.

He is comfortable in any group or conversation, be it a gang of Recon infantry or a group of Starfleet scientists. He may not say much, but the words he does say are full of meaning and are deliberate.

Strengths & Weaknesses
+Easy Going
+Can blend into any crowd
+Highly intelligent

-Occasionally too overconfident
-Can be stubborn
-Not very forgiving
-Will occasionally tell it like it is.

Ambitions: As he has already served most of his life in the Starfleet, Harold has but a single ambition, raise his son to the best of his abilities while he finishes out his career in the Fleet.

Hobbies & Interests: Fishing, hunting, riding, reading, spending a much time with his son as possible.

Early years Biography

Born on 25 June, 2245, on his family’s cattle ranch, outside of Killeen, Texas on Earth. He is the oldest of three children, his brother, John and sister, Vanessa, both being born on the ranch as well.

The children had a happy and loving childhood, though that is not to mean that they were spoiled. They were not. Their parents taught them at an early age that good behavior was tolerated, even rewarded at times, while bad behavior was punished, swiftly and fairly, every time. This consistency helped form the three siblings into well-adjusted, productive members of society.

During his early school years, Harold had the typical history. He’d go to school, be productive (most of the time). If he did misbehave, his parents would be notified and he would face the consequences as soon as he returned home. While he wasn’t the best student in his classes, he certainly wasn’t the worst. On the whole, he did what he was supposed to do and mostly stayed out of trouble.

Once he entered high school, he really started to buckle down on his studies. He also began to play school sports. He joined the Junior Varsity football and baseball teams. In football, his coaches utilized his long legs and speed effectively and put him in as a running back. While in baseball, he was similarly used out in right field. He quickly took to both sports with a natural grace.

It was during those four years in high school, that he’d met the young girl that would forever own his heart. Her name was Mellisa Gutierrez. She was the daughter and only child of the local constable. When Harold laid eyes on her during the first week of his freshman year, he was completely enraptured by her Latin beauty. It took him a few weeks to build the courage to speak to the lovely young woman. At first, she refused his offer to go out. In fact, she turned him down for their entire freshman year. Harold, however, would not be deterred. It should also be stated, young Miss Gutierrez turned down every other prospective suitor that came her way. However, she never refused their offers as sweetly as she did Harold’s.

Once the Homecoming Dance rolled around, during their sophomore year, Harold, still just as determined, asked Mellisa out yet again. This time, to his euphoric surprise, she smiled sweetly and said yes. His level of excitement was off the charts. However, as he was raised with Southern sensibilities, he treated her with the utmost respect. The rest of their time in high school was filled with a growing love and mutual admiration.

After they graduated, Mellisa had earned a full scholarship to the esteemed Yale University. She was entering the university’s diplomatic training program. Harold, on the other hand, had a single occupational desire. The command of a starship in Starfleet. There was the expected heartbreak that the two young, innocent, lovers went through over their imminent separation. Harold immediately had a thought that could ease their heavy hearts. He went to speak to Mister Gutierrez and asked for his blessings to ask for Mellisa’s hand in marriage.

The Gutierrez patriarch was, at first, hesitant to give his blessings. Then, remembering how he and Mellisa’s mother had gone through a similar situation when they were the same age, and also taking into account how much he respected the young man standing in front of him, he finally agreed and gave the blessing that Harold was seeking. Harold swore that he would do everything in his power to ensure that Mellisa was protected and loved for the rest of his life.

With the quickly approaching departures, Mellisa to Yale and Harold to Stafleet Academy in San Fransisco, both families got together and there was a small, yet intimate ceremony to bind the two young hearts together. Harold felt like the luckiest man alive when the preacher declared the pair “husband and wife”.

Two weeks after their nuptials, Mellisa left for Yale. Harold left for the Academy two days after that.