Character Profile - Jason Williams

Jason Williams
Human Male

Place of Origin: Earth

Physical Description

Jason is of average height standing at approximately 5 feet 8 inches. However, he has an extremely defined physique with some light hair over his chest & stomach. His eyes are a sea blue, that can shift depending on the mood or the environment. He likes to consider himself a stylish man, never having the same hair style, but normally consisting of the same brown hair, with light flecks of blonde.

Personality Profile

Jason is always active enjoying what some would call strenuous activities. He is often considered, the calm and logical one of his friend, as well as his time at the Academy. However, he can quickly shift to a defensive posture for those who are being mistreated or bullied. Jason can enjoy being social or active, but can flip the switch to be a man who enjoys a solitary vacation traveling to unique worlds.

Early years Biography

Jason had a normal upbringing, as the son of a Biologist, Hiliary Martin, and Starfleet Security Officer, Carson Martin. He was an only child, who was the light of his parents world. They often took different trips both on Earth and offworld, having the opportunity to life on a Starbase for sometime. Jason enjoyed having the opportunity to travel to unique places with his mother while she was conducting research and attempting to discover new lifeforms. However, he was able to learn discipline from his father, who was stricter due to his duties as a Security Officer. His father influences his desire for physical activities and a healthy lifestyle. Jason often had the desire to explore, but instead of biology, had become more interested in the marine life on the planets in which had traveled too.


Influenced by his father and encouraged by his mother to join Starfleet, Jason joined the Starfleet Academy. During his time he had to determine which direction his life would take. While enjoying all of the classes that were required, he had strong desire remain true to his upbringing of both Science and Security. He excelled in both of these categories, but eventually settled into the Security & Tactical Services. During his time at the Academy, he remained close to the Sciences, by helping a Science Cadet with her experiments during his study time or down time.