Character Profile - Sunita Conlon

Suni Conlon

Sunita Conlon
1/8 Bajoran, 7/8 Human Female

Place of Origin: Mars

Physical Description

Sunny is of mostly average height and mostly average build, a little slender but athletic, with a warm natural tan skin. Her long black hair is usually straight, but not naturally so, and can occasionally be seen in its natural wavy-to-curly mass when caught unguarded. Her most enticing feature is her eyes, which sparkle when she is animated and have an intensity that can either entrance or wither depending on the emotion behind the look. She wears her uniform in a manner that comes across as tousled, only zipping up to the bottom of the division colors, an inch or so short of regulation, owing to her preference for the uniform styles of her cadet years that did not feel as buttoned-up or claustrophobic.

Personality Profile

General Overview
Sunny has a duality to her personality. She can come across as sunny, friendly, cracking jokes as part of the gang, but also as withdrawn, critical, or cold. As much work as she has done with therapy, she is not over what happened at Utopia Planitia, and when things remind her of it her personality can flip. At her core, she is personable but reserved: she likes people, but is afraid of making friends again. The oddest part of her personality is that she can come across as flighty when she is, in actuality, overthinking: she gets stuck in her head, with her brain clocking warp factor 11, and then blurts out something that seems to be completely unrelated to the topic at hand. If someone asks, she can usually figure out what the connection was, but sometimes people don’t bother to ask, and she never notices she did it.

Strengths & Weaknesses
Sunny is very technically gifted, experienced with starships inside out down to schematic detail, however she is still building her experience in the daily operations of a starship and is not an expert in the soft skills necessary to keep a team together in deep space. Her times in the shipyards have given her experience with deadlines, but meeting a deadline from behind a desk is very different than in deep space when you might be under fire, literally. Her experience as a teacher has left her with a habitual need to instruct out loud so that people can follow along, but that can be anything from annoying to dangerous depending on the situation in the field; on the flip-side, she would be quick to put herself between those she sees as her charges and anything dangerous.

After getting knocked off track early in her career, her goal now is to make it to her own command. She still hopes one day to design a ship of her own but it has become secondary to making it in the fleet, and, if she does, she wants to be the one in the Captain’s chair.

Hobbies & Interests
Since the events of Utopia Planitia, with the help of Regulus and Zoe, Sunny has gained an appreciation for the need to slow down, and has taken up more traditionally recreational activities. She enjoys a good lounge in the sun, by a beach or pool, whether real or holographic, and swimming. Although not particularly good at them, she has also found enjoyment in many varieties of competitive sports. She has never given up her enjoyment of discussing all things technical, and sometimes need to be interrupted when she is too in-the-weeds of a discussion. She spends her downtime doodling hull designs and schematic concepts.

Early years Biography

Sunny grew up in a family of the academically inclined. With her parents both professors at the Daystrom Institute of Technology on Mars, she grew up around advanced theories and expectations. She could often be found running around the institute getting into trouble and making people laugh, the origin of her nickname being pronounced “Sunny”. It was assumed she and her siblings would all get advanced educations and go into Starfleet in one scientific discipline or another.

As the youngest of four, she tried to keep up with her older siblings but usually ended up with the short end of the stick. Her oldest brother entered the Academy in 2371, followed three years later by her older sister, another three years after that her other brother, and three more years later her. All four exhibited different aptitudes, and ended up in disparate fields.

Sunny was drawn to engineering as a more physical representation of the theories she had been exposed to as a child. While at the Academy, she excelled at Starship Construction Materials, Design, & Technique, and was on the fast track to helping design the next generation of Starship. This is when she first met Zoe Bianchi, initially as a classmate and then as a roommate in the later years of the academy.

After graduation in 2384, Sunny had a homecoming of sorts as she was assigned to the Utopia Planitia Shipyards to work on the USS Vesta construction project. Her parents appreciated that at least one of their children was close to home (even though two of her siblings worked on Earth).

On First Contact Day in 2385, she and her Parents were in San Francisco to visit her sister and some friends at the Academy. Sunny was forced to look on with understandable horror at the Federation News Network coverage of the synth attack on Mars. She watched as the new life she was making for herself, as well as the one she’d grown up with, went up in flames.

Following the attack, Sunny was transferred to the San Francisco Fleet Yards and promoted to fill the role of her former supervisor who had died during the attack. She moved in with her old friend from the academy Zoe, now an exobiologist, and they rekindled their friendship. Meanwhile, her parents moved to the Daystrom Institute on Okinawa.

Sunny had trouble focusing on work, still plagued by the trauma of the loss of her home and colleagues. She quickly requested a personal leave of absence from Starfleet, which was granted. Zoe encouraged her to attend trauma counseling, which she eventually did. It was there she met Regulus Singh, a marine attending counseling for things he had seen in the former Romulan Neutral Zone. Sunny, Zoe, and Regulus soon became inseparable. With time it developed from deep friendship into a real relationship, where all three loved the other two equally.

After the Romulan sun went supernova, Sunny realized that sitting out what was happening with Starfleet didn’t make anyone any safer. She applied to return from her leave and be transferred to a ship. She was reinstated, but her request for transfer was denied. They still needed all the engineers they could get, especially as the Federation looked forward at what was coming.

Starfleet actually requested she become a part-time instructor at the Academy due to the thinning of the Engineering Division from the events on Mars, having to re-distribute assets, and trying to increase the number of engineers coming out of the Academy.

Regulus went back into service but stayed in touch, and things didn’t diminish with distance. Zoe too was transferred to a ship near the Romulan border. Sunny was making due, but didn’t like how alone she suddenly felt. She was surrounded by both colleagues and students, but she felt an underlying tone when she was in the room. She always knew when her students got to discussing the events of the attack in other classes, because they would suddenly look at her differently.

Sunny applied again for a transfer to the fleet, but was again denied. She was promoted again while continuing to split time between the shipyards and the Academy. Her sister, the closest family member since she also lived in San Francisco, had a tendency to check up on her a lot. Sunny continued to feel stifled and uncomfortable in the same system as everything she had gone through, and was convinced that she would do better further afield.

Once more, Sunny applied for a transfer. In the intervening time, Starfleet had done a massive investment in new materiel and needed capable crews. Her transfer was approved, and she was happy when she was also sent to the Romulan front. She had lost track of which ships and stations Regulus and Zoe were on at the time, but she hoped they would be nearby.

She served for a few years as the Chief of Engineering aboard the USS Tesla, before taking a promotion into the position of Local R&R Lead of Illiran Station. Managing the group responsible for retrofitting and repairing Starfleet vessels there.

She met the commander of the USS Eagle and was convinced to come on board as the Executive Officer.


2380-2384 – Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2384 – Graduated Starfleet Academy; assigned Utopia Planitia Shipyards
2384-2385 – Ensign, Utopia Planitia Shipyards
2385 – Transferred San Francisco Fleet Yards; promotion; request for leave, approved
2385-2387 – Leave of Absence
2387 – Return from leave; request for transfer, denied
2387-2388 – Lt. JG, San Francisco Fleet Yards; Adjunct Instructor Starfleet Academy
2388 – Request for transfer, denied
2388-2389 – Lt. JG, San Francisco Fleet Yards; Adjunct Instructor Starfleet Academy
2389 – Request for transfer, denied; promotion
2389-2390 Lieutenant, San Francisco Fleet Yards; Adjunct Instructor Starfleet Academy
2390 – Request for transfer, approved; transferred USS Tesla
2390-2394 – Lieutenant, USS Tesla; Chief Engineering Officer
2394-2396 – Lieutenant Commander, Retrofit & Repair Division; Local R&R Lead – Illiran station
2396-2397 – Lieutenant Commander, USS Eagle; Executive Officer
2397-Present – Lieutenant Commander, USS Eagle ; Third Officer & People Officer