Character Profile - Oliver Thadius Lancaster

Oliver Thadius Lancaster

Place of Origin: UCS Arumis

Physical Description

Oliver is a man of average height with a lean, muscular build. He keeps his hair mid length and neatly styled, keeping himself clean shaven at all times. His uniform is usually immaculately tidy. While off duty, he usually wears a t-shirt or plaid shirt with jeans and his uniform boots.

Personality Profile

Oliver, or Ollie as he is nicknamed, is a man who maintains his composure most of the time, at least to the outward observer. However, below the surface is a man whose neuroses tend to cause him to second guess half of his decisions. In a crisis, however, he will try to maintain a cool head, and look for alternatives that preclude loss of life until the last possible second. He is loyal to his friends and family and will do anything to keep them and his crew from harm.

Early years Biography

Oliver was born in 2358 to a cargo ship Captain, Kyle Lancaster, and his wife, Petra, who served as Kyle’s Chief Engineer. Due to the lifestyle that came with his parents occupations, Peter had few friends growing up, barring an interactive hologram programmed by his mother named Jim. However, in 2374, during the Dominion war, when Oliver was 15, his parents’ ship was attacked by Jem Hadar, the ship being destroyed, with Oliver, his family and their crew barely making it off to the USS Galaxy, the ship that rescued them. However, Jim’s program was lost, leaving Oliver with no friends.

Following this incident, Oliver and his family moved back to Earth, where his parents opened a small restaurant specializing in Italian food in San Fransisco. In 2375, Oliver enrolled in the Operations division of Starfleet Academy. He tended to be a book worm during his Academy years, preferring to keep his nose in books than to go out socializing. However, in his penultimate year, 2378, he was convinced by his Academy room mate to hit some of the clubs with him. On this trip out, Oliver met a young woman named Maria McCullough, an office admin assistant at the Academy. Shortly after, he began dating the woman.

In 2379, Oliver graduated from the Academy in the 85th percentile, being assigned as a junior Operations Officer onboard the USS Nova, being sent on a three year deep space assignment. Shortly before his departure, Oliver proposed to Maria and she accepted; the couple eloped a week before Oliver departed for his assignment.

Oliver found serving on the Nova a new experience; while he had done some group work and been in teams at the Academy, it was the first time he’d really been choosing to spend time in large groups. In 2382, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior grade, and in 2383, he transferred to the USS Khitomer, a Nebula class Starship, as it’s Chief of Operations. This time, he was able to bring Maria on board with him. Within a year of the assignment, the couple’s first child, Ian, was born.

Oliver continued to serve on board the Khitomer, earning a promotion to Lieutenant in late 2384, before being transferred to the USS Epsilon, an Intrepid class ship, as Executive Officer in early 2385. Six months later, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He continued to serve aboard the Epsilon for one more year, before being transferred to the USS Asphodel, an Elysium Class Starship, as it’s Executive Officer, with a promotion to Commander, on a five year deep space mission. Two months later, Maria revealed she was pregnant with their second child, and six months after his transfer, the Captain was killed when the Asphodel was caught in a severely disruptive anomaly, and Oliver assumed Command, until the Asphodel could dock at the nearest starbase and a new Commanding Officer could be assigned to the ship. Upon their arrival at Starbase 279, Oliver was given permanent command of the Asphodel with a promotion to Commander.

The first mission the Asphodel was sent on in the Gamma Quadrant was to explore the planet JTK-1017. However, the ship ended up making first contact with a highly aggressive group; the Asrac Alliance, a group of pirateers and slavers, who intended to cull the ship for parts and sell the crew for labor. Following fighting off the threat, the Asphodel brought onboard a single stasis pod, with an apparent victim of the slavers. However, upon opening it, they found a horrible secret; a Borg Drone. Over the next 48 hours, the Drone assimilated crew members and civillians alike, including Oliver’s wife and five year old son, turning them into makeshift processors, and forcing Oliver to kill them.

Subsequent to this, Oliver stepped down as Commanding Officer for the trip back to the Alpha Quadrant and Facility 729, where the Asphodel was to be refitted. Upon their arrival, Oliver was assigned to the maintenance crew as Refit Supervisor. Six months later, in 2391, two months before the Asphodel was due to launch, Oliver was promoted to Captain and once more assigned as the ship’s Commander, with the interim Commanding Officer brought back to his position as Oliver’s XO. Seven weeks later, a viral outbreak occurred on the Asphodel, with the ship being quarantined. Upon discovery that it was the Requiem virus, a Federation Super Soldier project, Oliver beamed over as part of an away team, before being captured by a group of scientists. Upon his escape with the recently assigned, but yet to board, Marine Commanding Officer, Oliver was subsequently used as a Human petri dish to save his officer’s life. While it was successful, it left Oliver with an enhanced metabolism, strength, agility and intelligence, as well as heightened emotion and a new found sense of rashness. Within hours of this, Oliver was contacted by his former CO, and informed that the Asphodel was now a rogue element, on the run from the law.

After eventually clearing the names of himself and his crew, as well as exposing Lieutenant Commander Gomez, the Chief Medical Officer, as an agent of Section 31, Oliver and his crew were taken in for a repair operation, lasting three months, followed by three months exploration in Beta Quadrant. At this time, they were sent to one of the new Romulan colonies as part of a Diplomatic Envoy. However, this was soon revealed to be part of a plot by Section 31, lead by Gomez in a prototype, modified Defiant class ship, the destruction of which sent the Asphodel hurtling into the future, where the Federation was in the midst of a losing war with the Romulans.

Upon returning to their own time and correcting history, Asphodel was taken in for repairs once more, along with a retrofit bringing a few issues with the ship up to spec, such as the warp drive, which had previously been operating at slightly below specification. Upon their re-launch, the ship was dispatched to the newly constructed Deep Space 16, in orbit of Risa, where, much to his dismay, Oliver found himself taken off the Bridge of his ship and left to fly a desk as Chief of Starfleet Operations for the sector. Following this brief assignment, and the threat being ended, Oliver, along with his crew, were transferred to the newly re-commissioned Starbase 47 as it’s crew.

Later that year, Lancaster and his crew were transported to the Delta Quandrant by a member of the Q continuum, at the far side of the Barzan Wormhole. Following the encounter, which left the base there, Lancaster and his crew were left as the front line for a joint Federation – Klingon venture of exploration of the Delta Quadrant. During this time, the crew encountered the Borg, a 25th century Tholian vessel, recovered the long since lost Enterprise-B, and made first contact with the Prolatian Enclave, resulting in the short but damaging Prolatian War, during which Lancaster’s long time friend and XO, Kahlaras, was lost. He also entered into a romantic relationship with the Liaison to the Romulan Empire, Commander T’Lek, and was assigned as the Chief of Delta Quadrant Operations and head of Obsidian Fleet’s Task Group 47-A, following the death of Admiral Daphne Zane.

The next year, after a year of running Operations, and the end of the war, Lancaster was awarded a medal of valour, and promoted to Commodore, with a transfer to the newly refitted USS Wolff following eighteen months later. Shortly after, the crew were abducted by Tholians, under the orders of the UFP President Elect and Oliver’s long time nemesis, Pokk Thero, culminating between a confrontation between Oliver and Thero on the Bridge of the Asphodel, during which Thero was assassinated by a mystery assailant using a Romulan Disruptor, with Oliver being acquitted of the charges shortly after the event and returned to active duty, pending repair of the Wolff. However, after their first assignment onboard the repair of the Wolff, the newly promoted Rear Admiral Lancaster was re-assigned, with his crew, to the USS Imperator, a Sovereign Class Ship, for the mediation of a Klingon border dispute.