Character Profile - M'Tuuri Sh'iss - NPC

M’Tuuri Sh’iss – NPC
Caitian Female

Place of Origin:

Physical Description

Height 4″9
Weight 52 Kg
Hair Color White and tan fur with black spots
Eye Color Yellow

Physical Description

Lean and small M’Tuuri is your stereotypical feline
She is covered head to toe in short but thick fur, with a similar pattern to that of an Earth Serval.

Personality Profile

General Overview

Cocky and brash M’Tuuri know she’s good at her job and doesn’t mind letting others know either.
Stubborn to a fault and only interacts socially when she wants something

Strengths & Weaknesses

prefers to be alone
Very dedicated to her job

Hobbies & Interests

Vulcan Yoga and Floatation therapy
Painting, though she refuses to show anyone

Early years Biography

2379 – 2383: Graduates the academy at the age of 20
2383 – 2385: Completes Ranger training
2385 – 238*: Assigned to the USS -Redacted-
238* – 238*: -Redacted-
2392 – 2393: 8-month medical leave
2393 – 2396: Fieldwork along the Romulan Neutral zone


2396 – Present: Joins the USS Elysiums C.D.I.D