Character Profile - Sovereign T'handu


Sovereign T’handu
Sequus Male

Place of Origin: Sequella

Physical Description

Height 7’4″
Weight 413lbs
Hair Color Light brown coat
Eye Color Green

T’handu is a Bipedal Mammalian equine, well built and toned after years of vigorous martial training to become a Sovereign

Sequus have been described by Starfleet officers although standing on two legs, Resembling closely with earth Equine populations, Though somehow at the same time completely alien.

Both sexes are noted as having long muscular legs which are similar in appearance to the hind legs of an earth horse, This also includes large hooves at the end of each extremity.

Both males and females possess four nipples though the lower two on females are usually much smaller and without a breast, subsequently they lack any mammary glands and do not produce milk, though it is not uncommon for two much smaller breasts to develop that can.

Their hands are four-fingered and evolved to be just as dexterous as other sentient humanoid species.

Males within the race are known to be broader and physically larger compared to their female counterparts, but only by a small margin, Whereas the females have less pronounced and more rounded features, typically having a shorter nasal bone and overall shorter length to their skull.

Skin and overall hair colours and patterns can vary greatly from each individual Sequus to the point it is used as a form of universal identification similar to how every human fingerprint is unique, the hair length can also vary greatly depending on which hemisphere and climate an individual has originated from – however, majority of the planet is tropical to some degree.

The Sequus also possess long flowing tails and thick manes that run down the ridge of their back, sometimes connecting to the tail hair with some individuals. Both manes and tails are usually tied up in an ornate fashion, using jewellery or a patterned fabric to express themselves.

Like all Sequellians, T’han is very fond of expressing himself via his body, this usually comes in the form of heavily stylised body paint and other ornamental jewellery covering his body.

Personality Profile

T’han is a young and energetic Sequus native, having grown up knowing nothing but his people and their way of life.

As such he carries himself with an air of racial superiority that most Natives have towards outsiders, a mix of not understanding the wider cultures of the galaxy, and subsequent indoctrination by the Mortuary cult.

Though he won’t admit it out loud he is very curious of the wider galaxy now that he has been dragged along with Anne, her personality and open-mindedness rubbing off on him.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Strong
+ Skilled Martial artist
+ Loyal

– Stubborn
– Brash
– Inexperienced

Early years Biography

T’han like all young Stals are inducted into mandatory service of their Queens mortuary cult, serving their priestesses and temples as guardians who are called Sovereigns.

At the age of 20 Sequus years and after having completed extensive spiritual and physical training, they are given over to a Priestess to protect with their life for the next 5 to 10 years.

During this time they will be expected to take their role extremely seriously, with the utmost care and diligence.

Though rather unusually compared to the rest of Sequus society and views on intimate relationships, they are sworn to remain detached from the Priestess they are protecting so that their minds stay clear from any and all distractions while in their presence.

This is not to say they are forbidden from forming relationships, just not with the priestess they are currently a Sovereign for.

As such T’han is relatively new to the role, having been assigned to a high priestess meer months prior to them both coming aboard the Elysium.