Character Profile - Joshua James Everett Hart

Joshua James Everett Hart

Place of Origin: Lubbock, Texas, Earth

Physical Description

Character Information

Physical Appearance
Height5′ 10″ (1.77 m)
Weight165 lb. (75 kg)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue

Physical Description
With moppish brown hair that often covers his brilliant blue eyes, Joshua Hart is the quintessential American farm boy. Born and raised on a ranch just outside of Lubbock, Texas, Josh is in good physical condition after years of working on his parent’s cattle ranch. At thirty four, Josh is usually mistaken for a much younger age. In the Academy, his friends called him ‘babyface’ even if his boyish good looks did score him more dates.

Personality Profile

General Overview
With an easy smile and a twinkle in his eyes, Joshua Hart is almost instantly likable. Hard to anger, Josh is often described as easy-going and unflappable, especially when it comes to his duties. Outgoing and friendly, Josh will rarely be found alone in his quarters, preferring the company of almost anyone else to sitting alone.

Typical for a flyboy, he’s brash, immature and has that swagger that only comes from thinking he’s the best at what he does. He’s discovered that this aspect of his personality is attractive to a number of women who have fallen to his southern charms. While his immature youthfulness has been tempered in the face of his cousin’s death, his swagger remains an attractive quality.

Strengths & Weaknesses
+ Easy-going
+ Extroverted
+ Attractive

– Mischievous
– Immature sense of humor
– Brash flyboy attitude


Hobbies & Interests
Horseback riding, hiking, camping, fishing, swimming

Early years Biography

Born and raised just outside the town of Lubbock, Texas, Earth, Joshua Hart was the only child of Daniel and Kate Hart. His parents were cattle farmers and owned a horse ranch and cattle farm for years before Joshua was born. As descendants of a wealthy, cotton farming family, Joshua could have settled into doing nothing aside from academics, but his parents preferred to teach him more. Schooled in the public education system of Lubbock, Joshua was required to wake early every morning, tending to the cattle, horses and completing other chores before attending classes. In the evenings, he would rush home to settle the animals in for the night, working alongside his father.

As he reached his rebellious teenage years, he found himself envying his younger cousin Tommy who attended private school and was the second son of his uncle, Michael Hart Sr, the governor of the state, a mostly figurehead position. He often sought out his older cousin Michael Jr., attending public school as his own form of teen rebellion. Michael taught him to be mischievous and together they often got into trouble with the school and their parents. It was an inside joke between the two.

It was Michael who taught Joshua about using his good looks to get the girls. As he continued to get older, and more handsome as the girls tended to think, Joshua found himself in less trouble with school and Michael and more trouble with fathers and their daughters. He had been chased off other farmer’s property at shotgun point more than once.

When Michael graduated, Joshua soon found himself without a partner in crime and an envy to escape the confines of the ranch and Lubbock. Michael had been accepted to Starfleet Academy and just one visit to the newly minted cadet had Josh convinced. Now in his first year of high school, Josh decided to become academically serious. As his studies increased, his time spent doing chores and helping on the ranch decreased, a serious note of contention between Josh and his father.

After four years of doubling up on classes and study time, arguments between himself and his father which nearly came to blows, and nights of listening to his parents argue about his future while he was locked in his room, Joshua graduated as Salutatorian in his class with an acceptance letter to Starfleet Academy.

The summer between his graduation and his freshman year at Academy was seemingly the best in all his high school years. His father had come to peace with Josh’s decision to become a Starfleet Officer, hiring more farmhands to help on the ranch. Josh was given unprecedented freedom to run and play, to find summer love and generally be a kid before leaving home.

The following fall came quickly, seeing his relocation from Lubbock to San Francisco. The climate change was almost as frightening as the culture shock. Gone were the down-home, care free girls of Lubbock, replaced by serious, studious women. Used to being among the best, Josh found himself fairly average among the best of the best. It was difficult to accept, forcing a small bit of humility into him. His first year found him piloting for the first time as well. He soon found himself in love with the idea of flying around the universe. He volunteered for every crap assignment, ferrying dignitaries and commanding officers to their ships, flying cargo runs. It didn’t matter, so long as he was behind the flight console.

In his junior year, Josh chose his major area of study, Flight Control. With his passion ignited, he found himself excelling. Where once he felt average, His time behind consoles, piloting anything anywhere, soon found him among the top in his class. This is where his swagger started to develop. This is also when the women of Starfleet started really seeing him. He soon found his calendar filled equally with piloting, women, and studying.

By his senior year, Josh would have considered himself a major player in his senior class. While not in the top two, Josh was in the top ten percent of his graduating class. He was already assigned to the USS Ares, an Akira class carrier, as helmsman and couldn’t be happier.

Spending three years aboard the Ares, Joshua became an integral part of the small crew. Advancing from a junior helmsman and ensign, to the Assistant CONN officer and Lieutenant Junior Grade, Joshua Hart was set to be next in line for Chief Helmsman. Fate, however would intervene, seeing the Ares destroyed by an Orion Syndicate operation, its computers infected by a deadly virus which enabled the self-destruct. The ship was locked into destruct, allowing the crew and the Syndicate to escape.

With a lengthy investigation and several senior officers, most notably the Chief Engineer, found guilty of collaboration, sabotage and treason, Josh took his coming leave to re-evaluate the direction of his career. He returned home to Lubbock and a family who tip-toed around the questions plaguing him. A visit by his former commanding officer, Captain Elias Cole, to the family ranch restored his faith in the crew and officers of Starfleet and opened a chance for Josh to take a position and Chief Flight Control Officer of the USS Ragnarok.

Joshua Hart spent months as the Chief Flight Control Officer aboard the USS Ragnarok before he was promoted to full Lieutenant. During his tour of duty aboard the ship, Josh found an aptitude for tracking fleet movement, especially in the days following the nova of the Hobus star. It was his aptitude for this which forced his transfer into Strategic Operations, a department in which he excelled more than piloting.

Joshua Hart had moved up well through the command track, on target to reach his goal of starship command within twenty years. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. When his cousin, Commander Michael Hart, was killed in a terrorist incursion on Starbase 47, Joshua had taken it hard. The entire family reassembled in Lubbock for the funeral, the two remaining Hart officers, Colton and Joshua, had been granted an indefinite leave of absence,

Colton had required just a few months to recover from his brother’s death but had remained Earthbound for a year after Michael’s death. Having been offered command of a hospital ship, the USS Casey, Colton had been promoted to the rank of Commander with a mission to provide whatever aide he could to outlying colony worlds being threatened by new strains of virulent diseases.

Joshua went with him as Chief Flight Control Officer of the USS Nightingale. With the return to Starfleet and to his first passion, Joshua soon found himself returning to his old mind-set, and a desire for command. His options remained slim continuing as Chief Flight Control Officer aboard a starship, so Joshua applied for the position of Executive Officer of the USS Serenity.

With his application accepted, Lieutenant Commander Joshua Hart took his position as Executive Officer of the Majestic class starship for the duration of her maiden voyage. Unfortunately, as a diplomatic vessel, the ship’s first mission was an unprecedented disaster. With the addition of seven diplomats from around the Federation, the USS Serenity was supposed to usher in a new era of peace even as the Kzinti War raged around them. Unfortunately, the Commanding Officer, Commander Mora Ward was poisoned during the ship’s reception dinner along with the Bajoran Ambassador. Suspicion soon fell on the Cardassian Ambassador and his attache until the poison was identified as Klingon, throwing suspicion onto their party. Soon after, the Klingons and security officers aboard the Serenity discovered coded messages from the Andorian VIP suites, but further confusion ensued when the Tellarites were implicated as well, due to their private meeting with the Andorians. Old animosities between Starfleet and the Klingons, between the Andorians and the Tellarites, between the Bajorans and the Cardassian flared to levels not seen in decades and the entire mission was at risk until the real culprit was uncovered. The Caitian Ambassador was really a Kzinti assassin and operative meant to throw the Federation into chaos and further weaken their borders.

Lieutenant Commander Hart was forced to assume command and the subsequent fall out after the diplomatic disasters was laid solely on his shoulders. He was required to return to Starfleet Academy and complete diplomatic classes before he was ordered take a position as Chief Diplomatic and Second Officer aboard the USS Belos in an effort to improve both his command and diplomatic skills.

After nearly a year as the 2XO of the USS Belos, Josh took his accrued personal leave time to help his parents run their ranch after a falling out with the hired ranch hands. He was approached while on a cattle drive by Captain Madison King of the USS Thunderbird and offered a position as Executive Officer, which he took immediately.

In the wake of the Klingon Invasion of Amphitrite, which the USS Thunderbird was inevitably drawn into, and after the death of Captain Michael Hart, Joshua Hart was surprised to find he was recommended to take command of Triton Seabase in Michael Hart’s absence. Captain Madison King provided a second recommendation which was finalized by Admiral David Glass and Joshua Hart was promoted to Commanding Officer of Triton Seabase.

=A= Priority One Level Access Required – Office of Temporal Investigations =A=

Commander Joshua Hart, along with the crew of Triton Seabase, was sent some five thousand years into the planet Amphitrite’s past when the culmination of the Battle of Amphitrite reached its endgame. With the annihilation of Triton Seabase and the planet Amphitrite, Captain Michael Hart activated the temporal core of the Federation Timeship discovered three years earlier and thirty nautical miles northeast of the seabase.

Without the ability to control the temporal coordinates for their time jump, Michael Hart accidentally sent them all five thousand years into the past where they encountered the Ro’Nel and Ka’El tribes.

In the final moments of the Battle of Amphitrite, Commander Joshua Hart was badly injured and rendered unconscious. Five thousand years in the past and without the aid of current medicine, Joshua Hart was revived by the Ka’El in a ceremony they referred to as ‘The Song’. By creating a neural connection, not unlike the Borg hive mind, the Ka’El were able to heal Joshua Hart in both body and mind.

In their final hours in the planet’s past, Captain Michael Hart chose to remain behind, uniting the warring factions of the Ro’Nel and Ke’El into a single tribe. Knowing the change to come, from an M-Class planet to an O-Class planet, the warring tribes would need each other’s strengths to survive. However, Captain Hart gave Commander Joshua Hart the means to save the planet and seabase.

Upon their timeship assisted return to the present, Joshua Hart activated a forbidden program, the holographic Nigel Roseman. A former Starfleet ensign who had died of an alien plague on Starbase 47, Rosemen’s consciousness was transferred into a holographic program which became a despotic megalomaniac. Starfleet trapped the program and locked it away, but Josh was forced to free Roseman to defeat the Klingons and stop the annihilation of Amphitrite.

In the aftermath of the Klingon Invasion and Battle of Amphitrite, Joshua Hart was reunited with his former love, Samara Gray and their son, Matthew.

With the Ro’Ka looming as a constant threat on their doorstep, Josh acceded to an invitation by the Ro’Ka to join them at their capital city. The mission went awry fairly quickly after their arrival, resulting in Joshua Hart’s death. But the end is sometimes only the beginning and Joshua Hart’s experience with the Ka’El, five thousand years before, helped his body recover while his mind routed the source of the problem. An ancient tribe of enemies to the Ro’nel and Ka’El had spent the better part of the last five thousand years creating a xenophobic and secluded race among the indigenous people of Amphitrite. With the dangerous tribe exposed, and with Joshua Hart’s resurrection, Hart took on a mythical quality to the Ro’Ka and united them with Starfleet.

This union occurred just in time to stop a new threat to Amphitrite, this time from Starfleet itself. The earlier schism that had formed based on principles had escalated into lines of division. A Civil War loomed large on the horizon, but with neither faction wanting to start a shooting war, it loomed as a cold war. The USS Xipe-Totec, commanded by Captain Esteban Salazar, threatened to take command of Triton Seabase from Captain Hart. Joshua Hart, his fiancee and son had all been targeted by militant faction officers, detaining the Captain from responding to the threat from the Xipe-Totec.

Foreseeing this possibility, a small force of officers took down the militant faction before any harm could be done to the innocents, though Captain Hart was seriously injured. It was shortly after this time that Doctor Samara Gray discovered she was pregnant with Hart’s second child, a son they planned to name Noah.

In his final mission as commanding officer of Triton Seabase, Joshua Hart led a team to investigate a new arrival to Amphitrite, a civilian interplanetary resort known as Utopia. Built by Bettencourt Unlimited, Utopia was to offer Federation citizens their every wish. What it turned out to be was little more than an experiment in weaponizing the drug formerly known as Venus. The new version failed to live up to its expectations, but did have an unexpected side-effect of dropping inhibitions of anyone encountering it. Joshua Hart and the crew aboard Utopia were driven to a sex crazed, debauched orgy before Thomas Bettencourt recognized its power.

During the time of his capture, Samara Gray started going into labor with their second child in the sickbay of Triton Seabase. During labor, she began to hemorrhage uncontrollably. Where one bleeder would stop, another would start, until there was no longer the ability to control the bleeding. A rare circumstance, Samara Gray and Noah both nearly died in childbirth.

During a routine scan, it was discovered that Samara Gray had been infected with nano-explosives created by the militant Starfleet, which was the source of her hemorrhage. The pair have been preserved in stasis on the base, in the hope that treatment might one day be available.

Taking Captain Joshua Hart and crew, still drugged, aboard the interplanetary starship section, Thomas Bettencourt delivered them into the hands of their enemy. Into the hands of President Richard Brook. This garnered him the fame and freedom to do as he pleased. Brook would no longer look over his shoulder and Bettencourt could proceed on task with the creation and distribution of his new version of the Venus drug.

=A= Priority One Access Required – Starfleet Office of Intelligence =A=

For the first year after his abduction, Joshua Hart was held by Starfleet Intelligence at a classified facility. Under the direct supervision of Captain Sean Martin by order of the Federation President, Joshua Hart was held for questioning. The methodology, though eventually successful, was questionable at best. It was during this time that President Brook totured Joshua Hart both physically and mentally, finally using holographic technology to take the life of Hart’s remaining family from him before ordering the intentional blinding of Captain Hart.

Once President Brook had obtained the information required, he extradited Joshua Hart to Q’onos to be tried as a war criminal in relation to his actions in the Battle of Amphitrite. Captain Hart was found guilty, but to the chagrin of President Brook, was remanded to Rura Penthe to serve out a life sentence.

In the interim, Joshua Hart was tested time and again through further torture. During the final hours of the Battle of Amphitrite, Hart became the only known human to survive the Klingon painstick ritual to its completion. This ritual was used daily during the trip to Rura Penthe. It left Joshua Hart with several broken ribs and burnt, scarred skin, making him unrecognizable.
Service Record2379-2383 – Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2383-2384 – USS Ares as Ensign, promoted to Lieutenant JG, Assistant CONN Officer
2384-2386 – USS Nightingale as Lieutenant JG, Chief Flight Control Officer
2387 – Starbase 47 as Lieutenant JG, Chief Flight Controller
2388 – USS Serenity as Lieutenant Commander, as Executive Officer
2389 – USS Belos as Lieutenant Commander, Chief Diplomatic Officer/Second Officer
2390 – USS Thunderbird as Commander, Executive Officer
2391 Triton Seabase as Captain, Commanding Officer