Character Profile - Gianna Djokovic

Gianna Djokovic

Place of Origin: Earth

Physical Description

Gender: Female
Species: Human (Terran)
Age: 19
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Physical Description: Gia is young and falls somewhere in the middle in terms of looks, height, and weight. She has a slightly athletic build, hinting at some time dedicated to keeping in good physical condition through resistance training and running in her off-duty hours. She has shoulder-length brown hair that is generally kept tied back into a bun, a pony tail, or some other regulation-approved style that keeps it from being a distraction or an obstacle.

Personality Profile

General Overview: Gia is outgoing and energetic. She has a gift of being able to strike up a conversation with anyone about anything. She’s known for being friendly and even oversharing on occasion, but she means well. She strives to be liked.
Strengths & Weaknesses
+ Starfleet Enlisted Security Personnel Training (weapons, melee, etc.)
+ Athletic (works out, interested in sports, etc.)
+ Intelligent (Moreso than she sometimes seems)
+ Dependable (She does what she’s told to do and generally what is expected.)

– Aimless (She doesn’t have major goals in life, at least not yet.)
– Gullible (Prone to believing people and sometimes the subject of innocent pranks and deceptions by friends because of it.)
– Squeamish (Not great around medical emergencies.)

AmbitionsShe has no real ambitions yet, being so young and inexperienced.
Hobbies & InterestsHolodramas, Bajoran Springboard, Parisses Squares, Fencing/Swords, Running

Early years Biography

FatherOscar Djokovic
MotherCamara Ellis

Personal HistoryGia grew up on Earth as an inquisitive only child. She was bright, but not genius-level smart. She would often get in trouble in school for talking when she wasn’t supposed to and had a lot of friends.

Her parents were involved in trade negotiations in the Earth business markets and traveled frequently, so she got to see many other worlds growing up, but the majority of her time was spent on Earth. She loved to travel and meet new people, though, and she always aimed for that goal in deciding her future.

Gia applied for Starfleet Academy when she was 18, but did not make the cut. She then enlisted and went through basic training and security-specific training. Security doesn’t always seem like a good fit for her personality, but she is competent in her training even if she is far from perfect.

Service Record
2393 – Enlisted and attended Boot Camp at Camp Beauregard, LA.
2394 – Advanced Individual Training at Martian Colonies.
2394 – Rank of Crewman, assigned to security on USS Firebird