Character Profile - Toumun


Place of Origin: Jaros II

Physical Description

Weight200 lbs
Hair ColorShort cropped black hair
Eye ColorStormy Grey
Physical DescriptionToumun is fairly tall and muscular for a human, but on the small side (short and lean) for an Orion. His skin tone is pale green.

Personality Profile

General OverviewA somewhat imposing figure who can stand out in a crowd by way of stature and looks. He is generally considered to be quiet and focused. He has been described as intense, intimidating, and durable. He excels at physical tasks and challenges that are practical rather than abstract. He is smart, but he’s not an intellect, more so in a quiet brooding, strategic thinking sort of way. He sometimes has difficulty fitting in socially because he is is often misread as withdrawn and reclusive, but is really just quiet, observant, and introverted.
Strengths & Weaknesses+ Physical Strength/Brute Force/Intimidation
+ Tactically minded
– Social/Charisma/Fine Arts
AmbitionsHe has always wanted to find his mother.
Hobbies & InterestsNot an academic, he has to work hard in the academy is pass the academic-style classes. He enjoys physical training in his free time.
LanguagesFederation Standard (mastery), Orion (learning)

Early years Biography

The young female Orion, Zharena, was less than a month pregnant when she entered Federation custody after being caught in an illegal trafficking operation on Namir III. Born months later in the medical ward of the penal facility, Toumun was taken into the Federation foster care system.

Placements for Orions (or half Orions as the case was), even as babies, were nearly impossible. Children tended to be unruly, inconsolable, and overall difficult to work with. He bounced between five homes on three worlds before he was five. He was a quiet, darkly brooding child, often the first to throw a punch in a disagreement and easy to anger. However, he also had an intelligent subtleness about him, always thinking and calculating. In the early years, his academics suffered at the hands of people who didn’t understand his developmental or psychological needs. He was often disciplined, which led to further isolation and resentment.

When he was ten, he was placed at a settlement on Thanatos VII with a human, Edward Kreg. Kreg was widowed and had no other children of his own. Over the span of months, the two slowly developed a bond. Kreg trained the boy at home, developing his natural gifts in the areas of strength and combat, and nurturing the intelligence that he recognized could be a great asset to the boy in the future.

When the time came, Kreg coached Toumun and encouraged him to join Starfleet Academy. Toumun’s interests were in security at the time. He barely passed the entrance exams.

He entered the security track but was identified as a possible intelligence candidate based on his physical attributes and mental toughness. The idea being that he could be developed for infiltration into places that humans and other Federation races wouldn’t be able to get into. He was brought into the intelligence track formally in his third year. His academics were weak and he struggled in some area, while showing great aptitude in other areas. He was routed to a field-based program for his fourth year aboard the USS Elysium.