Character Profile - Oliver Kanizay

Oliver Kanizay

Place of Origin: Australia, Earth

Physical Description

European-Australian descent, light complexion, athletically lean. Has wavy hair often at short to medium length. Dresses appropriately for work, formal and casual occasions.

Personality Profile

Oliver can come across as quiet and does often keep to himself, although if approached he is friendly and can be outgoing enough for social occasions. He takes his work seriously and can seem rigid, especially in highly stressful situations. On the other hand, outside of work, he possesses a laid-back persona stereotypical of an Australian upbringing.

Early years Biography

Oliver Kanizay was born in Bendigo, an inland city located in the geographical centre of the Australian state of Victoria. He is the single child of Jason Kanizay and Miranda Cleary, and remained under the care of his mother after his parents separated when he was seven years old. His father became relatively estranged from the rest of the family, and Oliver had only seen him a handful of times since the separation.

His mother was a hard worker and took on multiple jobs, while simultaneously raising a young child and handling underlying mental health challenges. Over the course of Oliver’s teenaged years, his mother met several potential partners, but sadly none developed into successful relationships of any kind.

Friction between Oliver and his mother intensified during his late teens, due to a number of factors – his increasingly rebellious attitudes, her apathetic approach in managing her mental wellbeing – all compounded by a lack of communication between them. School became Oliver’s refuge from a home environment he hoped to avoid, with studying and participation in the school’s footy and field lacrosse teams as his means of escape.

His academic efforts earned him a spot in medical school at the University of Western Sydney, an opportunity he took enthusiastically as a chance to leave Bendigo for what he viewed as greener pastures. His vigorous interest in medicine came later, and was strengthened with each progressing year.

Oliver enjoyed his years in Sydney immensely, and the distance between him and his mother ironically seemed to somewhat improve their relationship. After graduation, he commenced formal vocational training in his chosen specialty of emergency medicine, spending his first year as a doctor at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia. An interest in pre-hospital medicine developed during this time, and by the final months of his internship, Oliver had become closely involved with the state aeromedical retrieval service.

The following year, he took up a rare – albeit risky – opportunity to work alongside Starfleet medical staff on an eight-month tour at one of their forward operating bases on Pyxis II, which remains to this day an active conflict zone. He subsequently returned to Adelaide for the next 16 months, predominantly working in the emergency department setting.

For his fourth postgraduate year, Oliver decided to relocate to the distant Starbase Arcadia, as a means to further his horizons and explore life outside his homeworld. Although his primary role would be to work at the station’s hospital, Oliver’s background and experience – coupled with a relative lack of Starfleet medical expertise in the region – may see his increasing involvement on board the affiliated USS Defiant.