Character Profile - Brett Edmund Watson

Brett Edmund Watson

Place of Origin: Seattle, WA

Physical Description

Brett is a tall gentleman who is built like a moderate athlete. He has played sports since he was a young boy. In particular he played hockey and therefore is a very good runner, but also has a good upper body build. He has a haircut just within Star Fleet regulations, which he upkeeps religiously and is always clean shaven.

Personality Profile

He is always goal oriented and rarely finds himself able to move on or take a break without first finishing a task. While this does cause his work to lag at times, he makes up for it with completeness. This trait carries over into his off-duty habits as well. He finds it difficult to have enough time to get all of his personal activities finished because of his attention to detail. He is not, however, above having a good time if the atmosphere is right. It takes him a few moments to let go of task orientation and relax enough to fully enjoy himself. He has a strong sense of humor when he allows it to show.

Early years Biography

For the first three years of his life, Brett was the only child to his parents in Seattle, WA. He was a calm child that never really tinkered too far outside of set limits. When his brother was born, it created a competitive streak within him that remains to this day. As a result, Brett became very interested in sports, particularly hockey. He was always one of the smallest kids on the team and as a result didn’t see much playing time. He became very focused on building himself up to be strong enough to get more playing time. This is likely where his goal oriented personality began to flourish.

As he continued through school he was never at the top of his class, but not for lack of trying. He slowly became more and more focused until he worked himself near the top of his classes. He was also on the school hockey team as the Captain. After High School, Brett was unsure where he wanted to go in his life. He had considered going to college and studying computer science and advanced mathematics. Instead, he felt a strong urge to attend Star Fleet Academy.