Character Profile - Dominic Aldrich

Dominic Aldrich

Place of Origin: New Orleans, LA

Physical Description

Dominic Aldrich is a Caucasian, 6-foot tall, human male with an average build. He has brown eyes. He was born with a vision impairment, but opted out of correcting it at a young age because he was scared. He wears glasses because now, as an adult, he has yet to have the simple correction made because he says it reminds him he is human and flawed.

Personality Profile

Dominic is somewhat timid and unsure when he finds himself in new situations. This trend, however, wears off quickly after he is comfortable with his surroundings. Once comfortable, Dominic is fairly laid back, enjoying lightened moods and the small things in life. He keeps a cocker spaniel, Archer, as a pet and close confidant. While sometimes unsure of his own abilities, he has become very good at surprising himself in pressure situations. He is deliberate in all of his actions. Due to this, he has a hard time being satisfied with his work until he deems it perfect to his own standards.

Dominic’s greatest strength comes from his ability to know when to listen and when to speak. He is also very deliberate in his work. While his need for perfection has gotten him in trouble before, he stands by his decision to do things all the way, not half way. He is also someone who like to lighten the mood when he can.

His weaknesses are much like his strengths; he tries too hard at times. He has been known to try too hard at being accepted and being right. Both of which create some tension with fellow officers.

Early years Biography

Dominic was born and raised in New Orleans on Earth. Having grown up in the flavorful, family-tied atmosphere of the region, he came to care for his family and friends above all else. From the time he was a young boy, he knew two things for sure: the first was that the knowledge of the universe was calling to him to study it, and the second was that he would go out and see space one day. From the time he was a young boy he studied the original Enterprise missions under Jonathan Archer all of the way up to the time’s current history. Also during this time, he came to appreciate the pride that comes with doing work with one’s hands. His family had a strict no replicator policy which built in Dominic a real sense of responsibility. In 2379, Dominic graduated with honors from Stanford University a semester early. He earned a degree in Quantum Analytical Chemistry with a minor Stellar Cartography.

Early in 2380, his father, John, was transferred to a quantum mechanics lab in New Berlin. Dominic was offered a position under his father as an assistant researcher. The focus of the work was to better control the lattice structure fluctuations of dilithium crystals in a warp reactor. The research had not been going well prior to his father’s arrival. He was brought in to try to save the program. By July of 2380, little progress had been made in the project, and it was placed on hold.