Character Profile - Xavier Richard Leiko

Xavier Betaeyes

Xavier Richard Leiko
Betazoid/Human Male

Place of Origin: G’Tari Lands, Betazed

Physical Description

Xavier is tall and lean, he likes to keep in shape but you will rarely find him in the gym as he hates the monotonous of bodybuilding and tedious exercising. He would much rather pick up a racket and challenge someone to a game of tennis or spring ball using the opportunity to socialise, keep fit, and let his competitive side come out. He has dark eyes and dark, short hair and normally sports a bit of stubble (all within relegation length of course). When off duty he can often be found in sport clothes or a simple t-shirt and jeans combo.

Personality Profile

Xavier is the life and soul of the party, he is normally the first to arrive and the last one to leave. Being social is one of his favourite things and he would much rather be surrounded by a group of people than left alone to his own devices. Xavier likes to go on adventures and likes to be spontaneous whenever he can. Because his professional life is so full of routine he counterbalances that in his personal life. Xavier is a big believer in working hard and playing hard too. His career is very important to him and he wouldn’t do anything intentional to jeopardise it.

Early years Biography

Xavier is the youngest of three boys born to his half Betazoid father Richard and his full Betazoid mother Edarna. Even though he was born in the family home on Betazed, in the G’Tari Lands region, he spent the first 9 years of his life living aboard starships and starbases, wherever his parents were assigned. It was only when his mother got the position of Admiral and his father resigned his commission from Starfleet was he able to grow up in one place and finally have somewhere to call home.

Xavier was very different from his brothers when they were growing up. His eldest brother, Edan, was very driven and determined. He was exactly like his mother and the only thing he ever wanted to do was captain a starship and eventually become a fleet admiral. Quori, the middle son, was the most relaxed and chilled out child there ever was. He was happy in his own company and could entertain himself for hours at a time. Then came Xavier. His father liked to say he was free-spirited, his mother used another word; feral. Xavier was always getting into mischief and making a name for himself. He enjoyed meeting all the different people and races when he was travelling with his parents and he hated the idea of going back to Betazed. However, he took to this transition like a duck to water, he found that he really liked being outdoors and exploring the planet and its many ecosystems.

Xavier’s father would often find projects that the two of them could work on together, but Xavier’s fondest memory was helping to repair an old type-3 shuttlecraft. The two of them spent many hours working on the craft and when they finally got it working the pair would often go camping or exploring together. During these trips, Richard taught Xavier how to pilot the craft and would often let him fly solo, though under strict supervision. Xavier loved the times he spent with his dad (and Quori who would often come along for inspiration). He was never close to his mother or Edan which made him enjoy the times he spent with his father even more enjoyable. It was during this time that Xavier found a passion for starship design and operations. Not only did he want to meet as many alien races and cultures as possible, he also wanted to design and build the best ship to do it in.

Xavier decided to join Starfleet to continue his adventures in the best organisation in the Federation. As much as it pained him to leave his father and Betazed, he knew he was going to blaze a trail across the universe.


2387-2391 – Starfleet Academy (Majoring in Starship Operations, Minoring in Engineering & Starship Design).
2391 – 2392 – (9 months) – Beta Antares Shipyards – Junior Repair Technician.
2392 – 2392 – (6 months) – USS Regent – Damage Control Specialist.
2392 – 2393 – (13 months) – USS Regent – Transporter Technician.
2393 – 2394 – (6 months) – USS Regent – Lateral Sensors Operator.
2394 – 2395 – (11 months) – USS McKinley – Operations Officer.
2395 – 2396 – (14 months) – USS McKinley – Assistant Chief of Operations.
2396 – Present – USS Athena – Chief of Operations.