Character Profile - Kyle Hawthorne

Kyle Hawthorne
Human Male

Place of Origin: Ocoee, Tennessee (Earth)

Physical Description

He is a white older man in his early fifties (52), at 6’0 and 250 lbs, he is a larger man with dark black hair with the gray beginning to overtake him. He usually sports stubble/five o’clock shadow that is still holding on to his dark hair color. He’s got a wide smile and a couple crooked teeth from fights past that didn’t heal quite right. Dark brown eyes and a small slit in his right eyebrow, and a couple crows feet hanging off the side. He’s got a couple laugh lines but doesn’t look much older than his age.
He can be found from time to time wearing rectangular wire framed glasses while reading.

Personality Profile

Kyle Hawthorne himself would tell you that he has a ‘chilled out’ attitude, and compared to his younger self he is correct. But age and experience does eventually give way, he finds it best to analyze a situation by poking at the heart of it. (and if he can’t, the lungs or ribs will do). He tends to spout off jokes as a way to ease tension and process the situation at hand, which sometimes can get him into more trouble.
Due to his experiences in Starfleet, personally and then second hand from his patients has changed his outlook. He has one eye on the ground and then one eye in the sky at the sky that can make him seem a bit disconnected but in his head it makes sense.
He’s a Confirmed Bachelor, he’s tried relationships but they never quite seem to last.

Early years Biography

He was born on Earth in Western North Carolina, in Appalachia. Born as an only child to loving parents who would encourage his growing speech. As he grew, he grew more curious. Especially with other people, he loved the back and forth of discovery. Like most other Federation children, he dreamed of being in Starfleet, and kept that dream going until it landed him in the Academy.


He did his time in the Academy, gaining a psychiatry degree to become a Counselor. It took him to an outpost first before a Starship that would lead into the Dominion War, from there after being wounded in battle he wound up in the Reserves. He continued his Counselor position on Earth for Starfleet until his recent recruitment onto the USS TANJURA.