Character Profile - Tomaasz

Caitian Male

Place of Origin: Cait

Physical Description

A solidly built felinoid, 6’3″ (1.9m), 220# (99.8kg). His fur is a mix of red and dark grey, with a russet mane and subtle striping. The tips of his ears and tail shade to black. His eyes are yellow-green.
Scars lace his arms, souvenirs of countless fights, and a wicked burn scar mars his right shoulder, both front and back.

Personality Profile

Amiable enough once he is comfortable with someone, but can come across as gruff to new people. He can, however, put on a public face that hides his reticence. He has a bit of a problem with authority; specifically, authority that hasn’t directly earned his respect.
He is a man who has made mistakes, and seen lives lost because of those mistakes. This has led to recurring bouts of self-doubt, and potentially devastating rage if more lives were to be threatened because of him.

Early years Biography

His parents were performers in the T’rala Troupe (similar to the ancient Terran Peking Opera, with an emphasis on acrobatics and combat), and he was raised with the troupe. This came with a variety of connections, many of them on the shady side of legality.
The Troupe was not making enough to fully support all the mouths it had to feed, so he had to make a choice. Upon reaching his majority, he applied to Starfleet Academy.


Initial Rapid Response training. Assigned to security for a minor diplomat. Helped foil an assassination attempt, showing a knack for detecting concealment and subterfuge. His next assignment was with a medical response crew, forcing him to learn to work more smoothly with others in different ways.
His first bridge assignment was as security chief on the USS Ramirez, a light cruiser. He served well, until an incident involving smugglers and illicit weapons technology put a black mark on his record. No charges were pursued, but he was encouraged to leave security as part of the fallout.
He changed tracks to engineering, which he found he had an aptitude for. He has languished on nothing postings, waiting for one last chance to redeem himself.