Character Profile - Shras th'Zarath

Shras th’Zarath

Place of Origin: USS Temperance

Physical Description

Height 1.95cm(6ft4in)

Hair Color

Eye Color

Physical Description

Turquiose skin tone. White hair somewhat thin on the sides but spiky on top. Thin tall build. Scar over right eye.

Personality Profile

Easy to get to know, and very approachable. He is not averse to introducing himself to a stranger. He is a very driven individual. However, his first care is his friends and he is willing to put his life in danger to save them.

Early years Biography

Shras is a typical Starfleet officer who does some cooking on the side. He led a pretty much normal life. He on his home as a child of two Guard members until they was awarded the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to workheadquarters,. Naturally he was exited to finally see a new place. As soon as he arrived he was fascinated. Fot two reasons. One to see another world that wasn’t covered in ice and two to meet new cultures. He was of age at that point and so he decided to go to the guard to sign up before leaving. Luckily he was assigned to his parents post as well.

He found that his job was to be a liason of sorts between the guard and other systems. Somewhat bummed that he wasn’t going to be in space he went to work. So to pass the time he took cooking classes. Life went on like this until that fateful day when the Coalition of planets was formed. Shras then applied to be released from the Andorian HQ to space duty. Instead he was chosen to attend Starfleet academy in an officer exchange program. He majored in communications.

Upon graduation he was assigned to an Intrepid class vessel before being reassigned to the homeworld in 2158. He served there in the guard until 2161 when he applied to join the new Federation Starfleet.