Character Profile - Drusilla McCarthy

Drusilla McCarthy

Place of Origin: Donegal, Ireland

Physical Description

Character Information

Date of birth1st April 2360
Place of birthDonegal, Ireland

Physical Appearance

Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Physical DescriptionDrusilla is short for a woman of her age. She keeps her brown hair a length which goes half way down her back, and keeps it in a simple style so as she can easily wear it back in a bun.

The only starling feature which Drusilla has is her blue eyes. Depending on her mood the shade of blue can vary from a blue the colour of an afternoon sky, to a blue which would rival the depths of water.

Drusilla has a scar to the right of her stomach where her appendix was once removed.

She also has a scar on the right side of her temple, where her hairline is located, which was caused during a fight the USS Gladiator was involved in.

Drusilla also wears glasses for reading. She has not under gone corrective surgery as she finds she has grown attached to the glasses.


SpouseMarkum Quinn
ChildrenEve Quinn – 6months old (half reman/half human)
FatherPaul McCarthy
MotherAnn McCarthy
Brother(s)Brendan McCarthy
Other FamilyNone

Personality Profile

Personality & Traits

General OverviewIn the last three years, Drusilla has changed. Although she still has nerves, there’s a toughness about her that had never been there before. She’s strict on rules and regulations but only so as to hide behind them.

When preforming her counselling duties, Drusilla is able to relax the image and persona that she portrays in her personal life; knowing the importance of being able to put patients at ease and creating a relaxing atmosphere in which patients can be taken care of in. Her work is her life as she loves to help people.

Sometimes her weakness of over analysing can interfere in her job by delaying decisions she makes, or over analysing a crew member too far and pushing them in wrong directions.

Originally having been raised in Ireland, Drusilla still has a very light Irish accent to her voice, but it’s only very noticeable when she is angry or has had a few drinks.

Drusilla is very soft spoken and can often be difficult to hear outside of her counselling suite.
Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths: Drusilla has a very strong dedication to her job. She understands her role is not just to help treat patients, but to also be a support to the patients who are recovering from different difficult situations.

Weaknesses: Drusilla’s main weakness is her tendency to over analyse & also her nerves in her personal life. Although life has changed with Markum entering back into her life; the welcoming of their child hasn’t helped with the nerves.

Her persona of having a tough shell and sticking to rules an regulations can also cause people to only see what’s there on the surface and miss what’s beneath.

Drusilla is also very much a clutz.
AmbitionsTo educate herself further on the psychological aspects of the difference races of the universe.
Hobbies & InterestsSwimming. Drusilla also loves playing tennis

Early years Biography

Personal HistoryDrusilla was born in 2360 to Paul and Ann McCarthy. She was their second child, born four years after their son Brendan. They were a very close family. After Drusilla, Ann was told that she could have no further children through a natural birth. Already having had a daughter and son, Paul and Ann decided they were happy with the two children they had. Drusilla was raised in Donegal in Ireland.

Growing up, Drusilla and Brendan were very close. Brendan had a tendency to be extremely protective over his younger sister, in later years he was known to get into scraps if someone insulted his Sister in anyway. When she reached the age of 16, Drusilla started becoming interested in boys. Brendan was 20 at this stage and still living at home. He was known to often scare away potential boyfriends of Drusilla’s because he felt none of them were good enough for her. Their parent’s just sat back, believing that Brendan would know best for his youngest sister.

At the age of 18, Drusilla saw a change of being able to escape by joining Starfleet Academy, where she found a love of medicine in her first year. As her grades were not strong enough, Drusilla decided to take a small step back and aim towards becoming a counsellor, it still allowed her to interact with people on one to one platform and help them in some small way. Her natural ability to see what support a patient required when in distress meant that Drusilla flew through her practicals but she still continued to struggle with her grades.

Drusilla graduated the Academy as a Counsellor, in 2383, and received a promotion to Ensign.

One month after graduation, Drusilla received her first set of orders, report to the USS. Gladiator to take up her first ever position as counsellor.The ship as due to start a deep space voyage and it was thought to be prudent to have a full time counsellor onboard.

After 4years, once the USS. Gladiator returned to earth, Drusilla received new orders that she was to report to the USS. Galileo as their new chief of counselling with a new rank of Lieutenant JG.

After only serving a few months on the USS Galileo, Drusilla suffered an embolism in her brain which rendered her unconscious for a period of time. Due to the debilitating nature of the injury, the decision was made to return Dru to Starfleet Medical Head quarters for proper an intense treatment.

After a period of six months, Drusilla was declared for for duty and deployed to the USS Regent where the woman made the ship her home for the year she was to be onboard. With a crew of only 68, she was the only counsellor onboard which meant she got to know people easily, allowing her to settle more quickly.

During her time onboard, the USS Regent was to come under attack from a rogue crew of pirates, intent on taking the ship for their own gain.

What crew weren’t killed were held as hostages in a foolish attempt to blackmail Starfleet into paying for their return.

Drusilla was one of the 35 hostages.

The pirates underestimated the crew and as a result, they were able to plot overthrowing their hostage takers and take back control of the ship. The plan didn’t come without it’s own damages though.

Drusilla volunteered to be the one drawn away from the group, the escape goat as such, to divert attention temporally away from her fellow crew members. What happened during those hours before she was rescued she has never spoken about, despite attempts being made by those she was close to.

Once the remaining crew returned to Starfleet territory with their ship, Starfleet deployed each individual in a different direction, which also included sending Dru to Starbase 86 where she was to meet her new crew and ship. The only information she had was that Starfleet had ordered her to be placed in a Assistant Counsellor position. Try felt that they had been too quick to return her to duty after her original injuries and as such, they felt now was the time to rectify that.

It seemed like fortune was turning back her way when she was greeted by her new executive a very old face from years gone by, Captain Holiday of the USS Galileo. He extended an invitation for the counsellor to return to her old haunt in the position of Assistant Chief of Counselling.

Eager to leave the experience of her time with the Regent behind; Dru jumped at the opportunity to be reunited with old crew members and old friends.

It didn’t take long for the situation to turn sore; the ship had barely left dock when a routine medical examination discovered Dru’s pregnancy…one which she had tried to bury with the memories of what had happened during the rescue of her and her old crew…the news was nearly devastating as scans revealed that the child was fathered with a Reman.

Still Dru refused to explain what had happened until one dear old friend returned to her life…a man she had said good bye to so long ago as we married a friend of them both.

As time passed, Markum became both a confident and someone that Dru would learn to trust once again. To him she finally opened up to tell the truth…the truth that the baby she carried had been conceived through rape…when Dru had sacrificed herself to save her crewmates; the pirates piled her with drugs and used her in ways they saw fit. The father of the baby was the pirate Captain…the Reman alien who had sought to claim her as his mistress.

As time allowed their feelings to grow deeper, Dru tried to push Markum back. She had almost lost him countless time before and was scared of what could happen again.

It took her own life and the life of her child being in danger to make the woman realise that taking risks was what life was about.

In the middle of a deep space mission, Dru collapsed and it was discovered that her child’s gene sequence was resulting in the fetus being non-viable…the child wouldn’t survive birth. The risk to mother and child was inevitable that both would be lost in the spontaneous labor Dru’s body was trying to force on them both.

The only way to save them both was gene manipulation…to use the genes of Markum to try and save the life of the baby.

Due to time running out and the USS Galileo being deep into a mission; the decision was made to continue with the procedure without proper authorisation from Starfleet Medical…time was of essence and the ramifications would have to be dealt with again.

Markum had risked his own life to save that of a woman he loved and a child he considered his.

In the months that followed…life was no easier. Once returned to Earth, both Dru and Markum were the subject of an inquiry into what had transpired and if the procedure was a violation of both moral and medical ethics.

It was during this time that Dru went into labour…finally giving birth to a baby girl named Eve Quinn. The name Eve carried with it the meaning life…representing the second chance of life Dru felt she had been given with Markum and Eve in her life.

Following the inquest, Dru felt stabbed in the heart as she watched Markum punished for the act he had carried out for her and her child. He wasn’t to blame…she was. She wasn’t sure how she would ever be able to make it up to him and knew she would spend her life trying to show him that his sacrifices were not in vein.
Service Record2379 – Admitted to Starfleet Academy

2379-2380 – Cadet Freshman – General Studies – Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2380-2381 – Cadet Sophomore – Basic Medical Studies – Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2381-2382 – Cadet Junior – Intermediate Counselling Studies – Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2382-2383 – Cadet Senior – Advanced Counselling Studies – Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2383 – Graduated Starfleet Academy as a Counsellor, receiving promotion to Ensign

2383 – Assigned to NCC-79818-C USS Gladiator as Counsellor.

2387 – Received promotion to Lieutenant JG and redeployed to the NCC-80010 USS Galileo

2387-2388 -Lieutenant JG – Counsellor – NCC-80010 USS Galileo.

2388 – spent time in Starfleet Medical’s main hospital for recuperation following a brain embolism.

2389- Redeployed to the USS Regent NCC-64515.

2389-2390 – Lieutenant JG – Counsellor – USS Regent NCC-64515

2390 – 2391 – Redeployed back to the NCC-80010 USS Galileo

2391 – 2391 – Lieutenant JG – Assistant Chief Counsellor – NCC-80010 USS Galileo

2391 – Spent six months on Earth

2392 – Redeployed to the NCC 70026 USS Nightingale

2392 – Current – Lieutenant JG – Assistant Chief Counsellor – NCC 70026 USS Nightingale