Character Profile - Lyla Tigerlilly


Lyla Tigerlilly
Catian Female

Place of Origin: Terra

Physical Description

Lylja is tall for a caitian (1.8m/5’11”) and her fur is a silky sliver-blue like that of a Korat with green-gold eyes. Preferring looser clothes, she wears uniform skirts. Like most Caitians, she avoids footwear.

Personality Profile

Lylja is alert, active and playful. Indeed, she has trouble keeping still or quiet. Though her years in the Academy have imposed some discipline upon her she still tends to act first and consider the options later. She is an eternal optimist and a bit of a prankster.

Early years Biography

While having parents who changed planets every year or two might be rough on some, Lylja loved seeing new worlds and meeting new people, but most of all, she loved to travel. New stars, new worlds, new people and new adventures always awaited. Never the best of students, her academic standing was at the very minimum required to be accepted by the Academy. At the Academy she has made friends and is generally well liked.

Academic record: Lylja is a solidly average student, except in the physical classes where she excelled. She has only managed to make it in the high pressure of the Operations classes by constant hard work and a network of friends. Many of her instructors have said that she need to focus more on her class work.


Attended Starfleet Academy assigned to training ship, U.S.S. Talleyrand. Has received several warnings, none serious, about her practical jokes. Served during the limited and unofficial Federation rescue expedition to Romulus before the Nova.

After graduation she was assigned to Leto Colony where see rose to the position of Chief Operations Oficer of the colony and full Lieutenant.

From there, she was transferred to the USS Apollo and did well, becoming a Lieutenant Commander and the ship’s XO, before the Apollo was apparently destroyed in a conflict with a Borg Cube. The Apollo and the rest of its crew are listed as missing presumed lost.

Lylja spent nearly five years in an escape pod stasis capsule before being recovered. While returned to service, it was thought that ship duty was counter-indicated, so she finds herself on another colony.