Character Profile - Saa

Plush Tursiops

Cetacean Female

Place of Origin: Pacifica

Physical Description

Tursiops genus. 3.2 meters in length, with classic silver-grey markings transitioning to a snowy white ventral. Her eyes are dark, round and expressive.

Personality Profile

Saa’s approach to life and work is a balance of methodical regularity and recurring bouts of creativity. This duality serves her well in the constantly-evolving field of starship engineering. While her grounding in the fundamentals of warp field theory is solid, her methodical nature and relative lack of field experience causes her to tend toward the cautious side and distrust improvised or untested procedures.

Team player: Saa actively seeks to harmonize herself to those around her, and her infectious positivity can often boost morale, especially during difficult assignments.
Technical acumen: Saa is a master of warp mechanics and has an instinctual understanding of how various systems interact.

Overcommitment: Saa tends to take on too much extra work, underestimating her need for rest and recovery.
Overly cautious: Due to the nature of her shipyard work, she is unaccustomed to taking risks.

Early years Biography

Born on Pacifica, the intricacies of starship operations and warp physics caught her attention early on. She trained at Daystrom Instute’s sector campus before serving as an engineer across several assignments, ultimately being offered a position in the Warp Propulsion Lab at 40 Eridani Yards. She’s had a fin in the warp systems of many of Starfleet’s newest vessels, ensuring they’re both thoroughly tested and reliable.


2382-2386: Daystrom Institute, Advanced Warp Propulsion track
2386-2390: Junior Engineer, Starbase 21, CO Jareth Lin
2390-2394: Engineer, USS Pegasus, CO Liren Kast
2394-2398: Systems Analyst, Warp Propulsion Lab, 40 Eridani Yards
2398: (On loan) Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Hou Yi