Character Profile - T’Preava L’Tun Loraal

T’Preava L’Tun Loraal
Vulcan Female

Place of Origin: Vulcan

Physical Description

Vulcans being several times stronger than most other species, she does not require the use of the gymnasium to keep her muscular figure, but keeps lean through regular light excersise. Her lean figure accentuates her already impressive height (6’ 2”), giving her a figure some may find imposing. Most of this height is taken up by her long legs, with a compressed torso atop. A serious-looking expression ever present on her face, if T’Preava was human, she might be considered a sickly green colour. Her skin is tanned like leather on a rack, with sharp features that look like they could cut. Her hair is long, aside from a precisely-cut fringe, and especially straight; usually kept in a ponytail as to not interfere with work.

Personality Profile

An extremely straight-cut woman, and seemingly driven by logic, T’Preava keeps herself fit. Being a medical officer, she should serve as an example of peak physical health. She is incessent in her perfectionism, and a woman intolerant of unpredictability, and like most of her race, always trying to find the logical course. Despite this characteristically Vulcan exterior, her time spent with humans and other emotional species has caused a rift in herself. Behind closed doors, T’Preava is a very passionate musician and singer, also divulging in her emotions with romantic, mystery, and sometimes almost violent holodeck simulations. She has even found herself becoming attracted to her own sex more so than males. With a husband and children, these points make her extremely fearful, and ashamed of herself.

Strengths & Weaknesses:
T’Preava has the signature gifted mind of any Vulcan, operating with efficiency and extreme logic at all times. Both mental and physical prowess makes her an invaluable crew member. Her ability to suppress emotions makes her the perfect impartial opinion in any situation, she always handles emergency situations with extreme calm.
However, T’Preava has dealt with intense doubt about her species’ customs on emotional suppression. In fact, she has regularly indulged in her emotions. Although a secret, and an extremely hidden aspect of her life, this has had an unfortunate affect on her stability and reliability as the impartial, logical creature she is ‘supposed’ to be. Sometimes breaking the character she is trying so desperately to play, making decisions based not on logic, but on intuition or emotion.

Since childhood, T’Preava has taken keen interest in practicing medicine, citing the preservation of life being only a most logical endeavour. She has always aspired to serve in Starfleet, and provide aid to distant worlds. Since joining Starfleet, she has developed a secret ambition to explore her mind in ways no Vulcan ever would dare. She has found great stimulation and excitement from indulging her emotions like anger, sadness, joy, and lust.

Hobbies & Interests:
T’Preava has found comfort in music since a young age, and chose to learn several instruments such as the Vulcan lute, Terran tin whistle, and even guitar. She often completes as much work as she can in her quarters, so that she may play Classical Vulcan & Earth music, Klingon Opera, and Betazoid Soul. Since joining Starfleet, and having the ability to listen to these varying singing talents in privacy, she has also begun to sing as powerful as the loudest of her Klingon artists, and as emotionally as her Betazoid ones. In recent years, T’Preava has also begun running simulations based on the exploration of the facets of her mind. She finds the outcomes extremely stimulating, although she is ashamed by it.

Early years Biography

Born in 2318 on Vulcan, T’Preava grew up surrounded by science. Her father, a seismologist encouraged her to become interested in geology like himself. However this did not appeal to her. Her mother served in Starfleet until T’Preava was 15, then she began to work in the Vulcan Science Directory. T’Preava took an interest in medicine, and placed high value on life from a young age. Also from a young age she began to take interest in music, finding that learning an instrument took extreme discipline, and logic to fully master. Deciding to pursue the same course her mother did, she joined Starfleet Acadmey in 2340 at the age of 22 to study medicine.

Varin P’reava Loraal, 84 – Vulcan meteorologist.

T’Met Orlak Loraal, 49 – Starfleet Lieutenant aboard the USS Enterprise.
Rinal Malek Loraal, 42 – Seismologist.

T’Pel Agiro Loraal, 119 – Captain aboard the VSV M’Praela Tor.

Serin Loalo Loraal, 119 – Chief Seismologist, Martuung Colony.

T’Kol Ngaro Loraal, 94 – Starfleet Academy Tutor for Engineering.


2344 – Graduated Starfleet Academy and posted to USS San Cristobal.
2348 – Promoted to Lt.,
2352 – Transferred to USS Jean Valjean.
2356 – Promoted to Lt.
2362 – Promoted to Lt. Cmdr.
2364 – Accepted position on USS Carrington as Assistant CMO.
2368 – Involved in incident regarding pre-warp species. Demoted to Lt.,
2369 – Requested extended leave of absense.
2373 – Returned to service. Accepted position on the USS Quinlon.
2375 – Promoted to Lt. and transferred to Earth Spacedock.
2389 – Transferred to USS Froshuath as Assistant CMO.
2395 – Transferred to USS Alcyone as Assistant CMO.
2398 – Offered position as CMO aboard the USS Hou Yi.