Character Profile - Bowi Chyne

Bowi Chyne
Andorian Female

Place of Origin: Ortolis (Andorian Colony)

Physical Description

Bowi is you standard fit Star Fleet Andorian, she wears her neck legnth white hair in a silver-mesh hairnet. She tries to always have a medical kit nearby.

Personality Profile

Bowi has always been interested in helping people and her family has a strong tradition of Federation service. So, taking a medical track once she was accepted to the Academy was natural.

She is hardworking and focused. always trying to anticipate and prepare for what might happen next.
Off duty, she does her best to keep in good physical shape, including exercise and martial arts. She also loves to dance.

Early years Biography

Raised on a colony world, she and her family did their best to keep to the education standards of the core worlds. She was overjoyed when selected to go to Starfleet Academy, she was a hardworking if unexceptional student, though always doing well in her core classes.


Bowi served for a year with the Andorian Imperial Guard before returning to starfleet. She served for eighteen months on the hospital ship Florance Nightengale before her transfer to the Tanjura was approved.

(Bowi Chyne is part of the Supporting Cast of the USS Tanjura)