Character Profile - Amelia Zano

Amelia Zano

Place of Origin: Edinburgh, Great Britain, Earth

Physical Description

Short in height standing at only 5 ft (152 cm) and weighing in around 110 lbs. She has piercing blue eyes and a slim athletic build. Has tattoos on her upper left shoulder blade of a daisy and on her hip sits a butterfly.

Personality Profile

Amelia can be said to be your average girl, likes to socialise and have a good time. Loves her friends dearly and has one of those faces people like to open up too. She does have her El-Aurian genes to fall back on so she looks younger than she is but makes do with it and uses it to her advantage at times.

Early years Biography

Amelia was born on Earth, in Edinburgh, Great Britain, but her lineage is El-Aurian. She has an extensive family of older siblings who she does see a lot due to family being ever more important to El-Aurians now than every before. Growing up she had a happy childhood with her mother and closer siblings of her fathers second marriage, her full brothers and sister. They moved around a bit but mostly settled in Scotland due to her mothers love of the country and long history and culture.

There was always a longing her Amelia, one to help people and help ease their troubles. It was not until her teenage years that she had came to decide that the medical field was where her path would take her. She had some older friends whom had became nurses and she became enamoured with the subject and profession.

Always a fine student due to her eidetic memory she had no trouble acing her exams. Primary, secondary education was a breeze due to her perfect recall and Starfleet Medical was no different. Her mentors tried to convince her to enter as a Medical Doctor but in truth she was fascinated by the mind first and foremost… there was no rush in her life to be forced down a route that she may never fully want. El-Aurians had a slow paced way of looking at life due to their life span.

Her first posting was on board the USS San Diego as a Counsellor. During her time their she met her fair share of interesting cases but nothing too extra-ordinary.

During the summer of 91′ Amelia decided it was time for a change of scenery. The San Diego didn’t challenge her the same way it used too, and she wanted to distance herself from the same old stories she had came to hear every week. Luckily the USS Indianna had a position open for a counsellor and she took it with open arms. This had been a ship heavily involved in the Dominion War and as such there was a lot of PTSD patients that needed her attention. The challenge she had needed.

They say time is a great healer and to some extent that maybe true but Amelia never truly believed you got over something but learned to cope with it in a better manner.

She now currently serves as Chief Counsellor on the USS Pioneer.