Character Profile - Wyatt Steele

Wyatt Steele
Human Male

Place of Origin: Earth

Physical Description

6 feet tall, with black hair and Paul Newman blue eyes. Trim, alert and observant. Wyatt has a quiet intensity about him. He has a quiet confidence in his abilities.

Personality Profile

Wyatt is a quiet man. Confident in his abilities, to make hard decisions and
get things done. He is friendly and helpful. The kind of man you want as a friend.
He likes to tease Vi as they both enjoy each other’s company.

Early years Biography

Wyatt was born in Medfield Mass. He is the oldest of the Steele
children and the one who always wanted to be out among the stars. His
parents were loving and encouraged his desire to roam among the stars.
As a boy he would spend hours looking at the stars and dream of being
out among them exploring or fighting back some alien horde.

He had standard secondary and high school education where he ran cross
country and was all state and played baseball.

He applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy, where he quickly
excelled in tactics and problem solving. He was a good student. The
classes he liked he was outstanding in, those he didn’t, he did just
enough to get by. Yet even doing that he still was able to graduate in
the top 5 percent of his class. He met Vienna at the academy and they wereeasily one of the most popular couples at the academy. He was a year ahead of her.They fell in love almost instantly.. They married while both were still enrolled.
After graduating Wyatt was posted to the USS Serling as a junior
tactical officer but he showed much promise with his quick grasp of
tactics and thinking outside the box.

His next posting was the USS Baton Rouge but with a promotion to
Lieutenant where he firmly put himself on Starfleet’s radar as someone
to watch as he saved the Captain and Executive Officer from an
assassination attempt.

The USS Roosevelt was next where he was Chief tactical/security chief
and promoted to Commander. He again drew the attention of Command as
he had the ship go into the atmosphere of a planet to throw off a
Klingon Bird of Prey the Roosevelt was playing a game of cat and mouse

For his quick thinking he was rewarded with a promotion to executive officer to
the USS Gwydion.

Starfleet Academy. Excelled in tactics, strategic planning.



USS Serling tactical officer. Ensign

 USS Baton Rouge, tactical officer, Lieutenant

USS Bradbury, assistant chief tactical officer Lieutenant Commander

USS Roosevelt: Chief Security/Tactical officer, Commander

USS Hou Yi. ,Executive Officer/Chief Tactical Officer Lieutenant Commander