Character Profile - Rovak


Vulcan Male

Place of Origin: Shi’Kahr, Vulcan

Physical Description

Rovak does not follow his people’s traditional grooming convemtions, and wears his hair in an agreeable and efficient professional style decided on in conjunction with a Starfleet barber.

Personality Profile

Rovak is easy-going and understanding for a Vulcan. Ungifted in the sciences and most typical Vulcan pursuits, his mind is best suited to the pursuit of security, tactics and command.

Even though he has always preferred the company of non-Vulcans and understands their ways well, he is deeply logical and a dedicated adherent of kolinahr.

Early years Biography

Rovak was born in the first year of the 24th century, 2300.

As a child he rejected his arranged marriage, and would not be bonded, shaming his family.

After being rejected by Starfleet Academy, he worked as a licensed private investigator for three years before applying again and being accepted.


Rovak was a security and/or tactical officer for almost two decades before he received his preferred assignment as an investigations officer. He excelled in this field and was eventually made assistant chief and a junior lieutenant after almost forty years. His success in investigations brought him to the attention of Starfleet intelligence, for whom he performed several infiltration missions to extract and disrupt rogue Vulcan psionic cults.

His infiltration work eventually saw him reassigned to the USS Nimitz, his first role as Security Chief. While aboard the Nimitz he reconnected with his former betrothed, T’Ret, and after a night of libations, he awoke to find he had married her.

Around the time T’Ret became pregnant with a son, Rovak discovered that T’Ret had used her psychopharmacological skills to chemically bewitch him, and when he confronted her she experienced a psychiatric episode that resulted in her being taken into care. When she gave birth Rovak named the son Shurlok. Though he took legal custody of the child under Vulcan law, T’Ret was released from care and absconded with the child into a community within a temporal field experiment that their son would be unable to safely leave until he was an adolescent.

In the aftermath of his divorce, he found himself involved with a colleague, Surtha Zhai, an Andorian with whom he shared a short rivalry that developed into passionate romance, and eventually a second marriage.

After the intervention in deep space of a multidimensional being, a child was born to Surtha and Rovak, a girl named T’Shan.

Surtha disappeared several years later, having been drawn to return to the planet where their daughter was conceived. He took reassignment to a diplomatic ship based out of Eridani Shipyards, and raised his daughter on Vulcan in the traditional fashion.

Under Captain Oriath Velt, Rovak rose from Security Chief to First Officer, serving under the Captain for more than a decade.

In 2397 Rovak accepted a secondment to the security directorate. After less than a year in the role, he led an investigation that concluded that the head of Starfleet Security was responsible for execution orders issued secretly throughout the fleet.

When the witnesses he called all recanted their sworn testimony, exonerating the Director and dismantling Rovak’s case, he resigned his commission and went into exile on Vulcan.