Character Profile - Irij Savoi

Irij Savoi
Andorian Female

Place of Origin: Tollish IV (Andorian/Terran Colony)

Physical Description

Irij is a stauesque Andorian woman who is an admirer of Uhura and wears her hair in a similar fashion but mus use a ring link around one of her antennae as a booster.

Personality Profile

Irij is upbeat and hardworking, always trying to learn new things.

Early years Biography

Irij grew up on a joint Andorian-Terra colony listening to the heroic stories of Starfleet.


At the Academy, Irij was a solid if unexceptional student, though she did very well on language and communications oriented classes and skills. While she was not to the level of her idol, Urura, she was recommended for the communication specialty of Operations.

The Andorian delegation specifically asked for her to be assigned to the Tanjura direct from the Academy as an exemplary example of the Andorian graduates.

(Irij is part of the Supporting Cast of the USS Tanjura)